MBA Entrepreneurship Class: To Buy or Not to Buy (Video)

Professor Leleux from IMD Business School shares an interesting story about a former student of his who found himself at a familiar business-world crossroads: To buy or not to buy.

In this entrepreneurship class, prof. Leleux challenges his MBA students to think about entrepreneurship in more than just start-up terms.

“I don’t care how you start. What matters is that you do start”, urges Leleux.

And a buyout is just as valid of a start, as setting up a new company, just maybe “not so sexy”, in the charming lecturer’s own words.

But what is it that gives entrepreneurs that simple “yes or no” answer to a 7 or 8-digit buyout?

Apparently, it’s as simple as writing down a checklist.

Who would’ve thought, right?

We have to admit, this video kind of made us want to do an MBA and buy a company!

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