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Being able to meet an admissions director face to face for 20 minutes was great

Today we met Celine, a participant in the Access MBA event in Paris and the lucky winner of our Ipad competition.  She gave us her impressions of the event and its underlying concept.

Hello Celine.  Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello.  My name is Celine and I am 35.  I currently work in the 12th district of Paris in the IT sector.  More specifically, I contribute to the management of a franchise which sells computer equipment. 

What made you register for and take part in one of our Access MBA events?

I have been thinking about returning to university for several months. It is a necessary step to take if I want to develop my career and consider new opportunities.  However, it is not easy to get the right information about the application process and the different programmes on offer.

As you will have noticed, our events have many specific features.  Most notably, we put candidates in direct contact with the admissions director of the MBA programme they are interested in.  What did you think of this?

These individual meetings, that you call One-to-One, are indeed very original.  Being able to meet an admissions director face to face for 20 minutes was great, as it enabled me to save a lot of time.  And that time was precious for me, especially as I had to work that day.  Thanks to the Access MBA event, I was able to learn a lot about MBAs in record time.

What was it that enabled you to learn more about MBA programmes and their admissions criteria?

First of all, the possibility of meeting an Access MBA consultant was a great opportunity.  They analysed my profile and asked me about my criteria for my studies, and then targeted the MBA programmes which correspond the best to me.  This gave me increased clarity and enabled me once more to save a lot of time.  Furthermore, I really appreciated the presence of GMAT centres at the Access MBA event.  It allowed me to find out about the necessary level of English for an MBA and the different ways of registering for these tests. 

Thank you Celine.  Do you have any last words about our Access MBA event ?

The Access MBA event gave me greater focus in my desire to return to university.  I now have a new perspective on MBAs and I the direct contact details of business schools, with the aim of applying for one of their programmes.  Thank you.

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