Format of the Events

Personalised and Tailor-Made Services

General Description of the Events

The Access MBA One-to-One Tour is a series of targeted events focused on high quality, personalised services for MBA candidates. This event gives qualified and motivated professionals the opportunity to meet with top internationally accredited business schools. Ongoing MBA, GMAT, TOEFL and Career counselling helps candidates with general MBA and career issues as well as orients them towards the schools and opportunities of interest at the event.

Why Register Online?

Registered candidates receive priority for the One-to-One meetings and workshops with MBA admissions officers, and can schedule these appointments in advance. Advance bookings for registered candidates are possible by telephone or email, and our Access MBA consultants can also provide extensive programme information about the participating schools. Meetings with business schools and on-site MBA consulting are not guaranteed for unregistered candidates.

Who Can Attend the Events?

Participation in the One-to-One events is open to experienced business executives who have a bachelor's degree or equivalent and are fluent in English. Candidates that do not qualify for One-to-One meetings and workshops are welcome to attend the Panel Discussion at each event. For events that feature an Open Fair, candidates that do not meet the One-to-One criteria are invited to the open forum session.

Which Schools Are Participating?

Roughly 100 accredited and internationally-ranked business schools participate in the Tour. Among them, 70% of the Top 100 MBA programmes and some of the best American MBA programmes attend the events. A detailed list of participating schools and programme information can be provided to candidates upon registration.

The One-to-One Format 

Founder of the One-to-One event format, Access MBA has been giving candidates a new way of meeting business schools since 2004.

In the words of one former event participant, Access MBA provides a "unique opportunity to learn more before going further in the application process." Business schools meet individually with candidates that meet their admissions criteria and are interested in their MBA programmes. The selection criteria for the meetings include work experience, level of motivation, country of interest and programme format.

Participating candidates can meet MBA programmes in which they are interested in a series of 25-minute interviews, with priority given to the top 5 schools per candidate.

The Workshops

Interactive information sessions taking place at a round table, these group meetings are organized with one business school representative and up to 10 candidates. Those informal and open discussions provide in-depth information about programmes of interest and allow for a question-and-answer session.

Individualized Event Services

On the Access MBA Tour, there is a format for candidates at every step of the application process:
- If you are a "first-step" candidate, you may discuss your project with ACCESS MBA Consultants, MBA Career Counsellors, and with GMAT/ TOEFL test preparation representatives. Attend conferences, workshops or an open forum (where applicable), and gain all of the general information you need to help you find the MBA that is right for your career.
- If you are already informed about the MBA degree and know which type of MBA programme you are targeting, head straight for One-to-One meetings with the schools that match your interests. Discuss your career path with professional Career Counsellors to learn how to use your MBA to your best advantage.

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