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Nyenrode Business Universiteit revamps the international modules of its full-time MBA to focus on the European business reality and context.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit, chosen as the Best University in the Netherlands in 2015*, has recently redesigned its one year full-time International MBA around integrated business practices that mirror the way business operates. As part of this redesign, Nyenrode revamped its international modules to bring a European focus to the programme. As a result, participants of the MBA will experience a set of European economies integrated in the different business practices that constitute the program.

Participants of the 2014-2015 MBA cohort are already experiencing this new focus as they take part in the London Banking Tour next April. The London Banking Tour is part of the Strategic Finance business practice run by the MBA's Programme Director Prof Dr Dennis Vink. During this module students are exposed to topics such as financial analytics, business modelling, international financial markets and instruments, amongst others.

According to Omar Abdellaoui, a Nyenrode alumnus, experienced professional in finance & banking and facilitator of the London Banking Tour, ''The main purpose of the visit will be for the students to be presented with a number of real-world cases. The cases are consistent with the topics that will be discussed in the three main blocks of the course, such as leveraged buy-outs and the origination of publicly traded securities.'' Mr. Abdellaoui adds that the trip will also open opportunities to explore the student recruitment processes at the financial institutions, which they will be visiting.

Some of the arranged visits include Bridgepoint Capital Group, one of the top 4 private equity firms in London by assets under management; MAN Group, the world's largest publicly traded hedge fund; the financial regulator (FCA), and many others. This module is aimed at maximising students' understanding of current financial affairs and the consequences for specific asset classes. Mr. Abdellaoui concludes: ''In other words, in the current low-yielding environment, where do investors want to put their money and through which vehicles should companies raise money?''

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*Source: De Nationale Studenten Enquête by Studiekeuze123

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