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A Guide to the Various Types of MBA Curricula

In years long past, MBA curricula were very similar among different B-schools. ...

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The Growing Allure of the Online MBA

The Online MBA has risen in popularity due to its increasing flexibility, recognition and quality. ...

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What MBA Study Options are There?

Full-time, part-time, one-year or two-year: a comprehensive analysis of the merits of the various MBA study options.. …

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A Part-time MBA Helps You Preserve Career Momentum

A Canadian MBA graduate shares how a part-time MBA enables you to accelerate your professional development while also deepening your understanding of the subtleties of business. …

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The Diversity of Part-Time MBA Formats

Aspiring managers who want to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills …

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Top 5 Reasons to Do an Online MBA

You shop online, you pay your bills online, and you can even find the love of your life online. So why not study online? Online MBA programmes are freely available at business schools around the world, and there are numerous advantages to doing one. …

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MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, a course that allows for unlimited participation and an open access via the web …

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MOOCs: Redefining the Notion of Studying

Distance education has changed the way people teach, study, form communities, work together and interact on the web. It has enabled so many people, who otherwise for one …

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One-Year or Two-Year MBA?

B-schools offering the traditional two-year degrees say there are advantages in longer programmes because students can try out a new profession during summer placements. Those offering one-year programmes say the format is an accelerated option for students who have clear career goals. Which one is the right match for you? …

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Which is My Ultimate Fit?

The characteristics of an MBA programme are the crucial factors that impact candidates' decisions about where to apply. However, personal factors such as the candidate's support from both employer and family, funding the degree …

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Seeing the Advantages

A full-time MBA programme is usually designed for those students who want to change their career path or work abroad. In contrast, a part-time EMBA programme is aimed at mature candidates who want to enlarge their careers by sharing best practices with their peers in other industries. These executive have already demonstrated strong analytical ability, emotional maturity and interpersonal skills. They have the confidence to handle new business challenges, but perhaps lack the recognition from their existing network that they have the potential for more.
By earning a part-time Executive MBA …

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Full-Time MBA

A Full – Time MBA requires dedication and commitment throughout the tenure of the program.  This authentic program offers the students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a stimulating environment delivering greater development of personal and professional skills.

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Part-Time MBA

The number one reason why part-time matriculants choose their programme is that it allows them to continue working.

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Executive MBA

Executive MBA is an intensive, effective and complete MBA, not in any sense less than its full time counterpart.

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Distance Learning MBA

Distance learning in today's "global village" is easier than ever, but this unique format retains its advantages and disadvantages.

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Online MBA

A large part of our lives today takes place online. Local news, world events, social trends, lifestyle and fashion come through our computer screen rather than TV ...

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