Quick Facts: Full-time MBA Programmes in Europe (Video)

Have you ever wished to absorb complex knowledge like macroeconomics or general relativity instantaneously? Far from being exclusive to college students pulling an all-nighter before the end-of-semester test, the demand for quick solutions to composite problems has inspired us to create this short video about the advantages of the Full-time European MBA programme.

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Part of our Full-time MBA Programmes in Europe Spotlight , the clip highlights some of the most important quirks of going for the FT MBA experience on the Old Continent.

Here's a preview:

  • 36% of the best b-schools in the world are headquartered in Europe
  • Tradition, reputation and diversity are the three key words that should spring to mind when thinking about MBA in Europe
  • Western Europe is the most interconnected place in the world!
  • 3 out of 4 students in European MBA programmes are international (beat that, America!)
  • European MBA programmes are 1-year long

For more juicy facts about Full-time European MBA programmes, watch the whole video below:

Hungry for more? Check out our European FT MBA Spotlight page with the participation of Henley, École des Ponts, Westminster & Birmingham Business Schools here.  

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