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Best US Business Schools Ranking 2018

If you are looking for the best MBA programmes in the US, one particular list will be of interest to you: US News & World Report's (US News) Best Business Schools ranking. ...

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Online MBA Ranking 2017

The Financial Times (FT) Online MBA Ranking lists the top 20 programmes around the globe, with schools in Australia, Europe, North America, and South America making the list. ...

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Ranking MBA

Rankings generate hype, debate, sometimes even controversy. To a large extent, their legitimacy has developed because they represent a connection between academia and the media. They are one of the resources used by prospective MBA candidates ...

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Is It the Best for Me?

When trying to figure out which business schools are the best for a candidate, the most popular tools for assessing qualities are rankings and accreditations. But what are they and which ones should prospective students be looking at most closely?

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How to Use Rankings...

Rankings are useful in orienting applicants in the world of business education. At the same time they could be very misleading if considered uncritically and turned into an ultimate indicator for the quality of MBA schools...

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Main Global Rankings

A comprehensive list of MBA rankings is available here

Financial Times

Rankings compiled by Financial Times can be found here:

The Economist

Explore rankings from The Economist's Economic Intelligence Unit:

Bloomberg Business Week

See Bloomberg's Business Week rankings here:

Do Rankings Reflect the Quality of Business Education

Business school candidates should take rankings into account as they contain an enormous amount of useful data, but applicants should also take time to study their methodology. Rankings should not be viewed as the most important aspect...

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FAQ on MBA rankings

The main goal of rankings in general and MBA rankings in particular is to inform prospective students about a business school's and a programme's notoriety. Rankings also provide a global picture of the programme's offering in a specific geographical area or more generally worldwide. It is a good starting point for prospective...

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MBA rankings aim to compare MBA programs by translating their relative quality into a quantitative measure.

Although different in each case, rankings usually take into account the following factors: Gradutate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Grade Point Average (GPA) of new entrants; learning resources available at each school...

Rankings should be treated with caution.

Be aware that rankings never represent all factors about schools and that some of these factors may be crucial to your choice. At the same time, considered as supplementary information, rankings may give you some interesting insights...

The Great Ranking Story

Each publication has its own proprietary methodologies that consider certain factors over others, with the result that business schools can be ranked higher in one publication and lower in another. Some publish rankings annually, others every two years. The Financial Times...

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Assessing Graduate Business School Quality

Rankings are an enigma. The idea of ranking graduate business programs is a relatively new process, which began as a means of increasing magazine sales. The ranking of MBA programs is a hot issue in management education circles. Questions regarding how rankings are formulated, what they measure, and what they mean are constantly circulating. Given the attention rankings have received and the controversy they have generated, a full discussion of this topic is necessary.

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