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Middle Eastern MBA

AUB business graduates have served as presidents of their countries, prime ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors, governors of central banks, and as presidents and deans of colleges and universities.  In the private sector, many AUB business graduates either head their own firms or are chief executives of some of the largest and most successful banking and business enterprises in the Middle East.

MBA Program

The MBA program has been in existence at AUB since the mid 1940s and is committed to the highest standards of quality in graduate management education. The AUB MBA is the leading graduate business program in the region intended for ambitious professionals on track to becoming senior line managers in the Middle East and beyond. It provides a dynamic balance between a top-down strategic mindset and a bottom-up operational orientation. While the program develops systematic, big-picture thinking and problem framing, it underscores the importance of implementation, execution and results-based management for maximum impact.

The OSB MBA has a number of characteristics that warrant its leadership status in the Middle East:

  • Continuously reviewed and updated programmatic content, benchmarked against international best-practices in graduate management education
  • Rigor of admission standards unparalleled in the region
  • Alignment with AACSB accreditation standards, whose fulfillment is a strategic target of the program
  • Maintaining a careful balance between a holistic core and a flexible menu of focused concentration electives
  • Academic computing and technical support that ensures maximum e-learning opportunities
  • An explicit focus on leadership, in keeping with the AUB tradition of producing corporate and business executive talent of the finest caliber
  • An educational process that is student-driven, team-based and group-oriented
  • on-going assessment of learning outcomes geared toward continuous improvement
Executive MBA Program AUB, through its Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB), launched its executive MBA Program (EMBA) in the spring of 2004.    The program is known for its rigorous academic standards and its direct relevance to the needs of regional executives and the companies they lead. The EMBA prepares promising executives for increasing responsibilities as well as general managers who want to sharpen their management skills and enhance their leadership effectiveness. The program format is designed to accommodate the demands of your professional life while enabling you to deliver real value to your organization.  As you enhance your skills and capabilities, your company will gain insight and solutions to its challenges. The EMBA emphasizes actionable knowledge based on experiential learning and the analysis of real-life case studies. You will learn management skills and develop insight both inside and outside the classrooms from our distinguished faculty, through debate and collaboration with accomplished peers and by applying your knowledge in the real world.

Programs Info

Programs Offered: MBA, Executive MBA
Type of Course:
MBA: Full Time or Part-Time
Executive MBA: Part -time format: (Thursday, Friday and Saturday ) 3 days every 3 weeks
Starting Dates:
MBA: September (Fall) and January (Spring)
Executive MBA: September (Fall ) and/or March(Spring)
Length of Course:
MBA: 18 months to 48 months
Executive MBA: 20 months

Student Body (MBA)

Ratio of Applicants to Places: 100 applicants to 30 places
% Women: 44
% Non-Lebanese: 4
Age Range: 23-30
Average Age: 27
Student Body (Executive MBA)
Average class size: 20
% Women: 17
% Non Lebanese: 25
Age Range: 30 - 50
Average Age: 37
% residing outside Lebanon: 52


MBA:Degree: Bachelor’s Degree from an appropriately accredited University
Minimum TOEFL: 583
Minimum GMAT Score: 570
Minimum GPA: 80%
Professional Work Experience: Minimum 2 years; average 4 years Interview (optional)

Executive MBA:

Senior management standing
Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited University (all transcripts required)
English language competency testing (if required): TOEFL Paper based (583), Computer-based (250), Internet based (97); or EEE (530)
Personal statement
Letters of recommendation


MBA Application Fee: US$ 75
MBA (48 credits – including foundation courses): US$ 41,000
EMBA: Total cost: $55,650 (incl. books and materials) payable in 4 installments over 15 months



Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (OSB) Bliss Street, P.O.
Box: 11-0236 Beirut Lebanon
Telephone:+961 1 352 700  
Fax: +961 1 750 214
Website: http://sb.aub.edu.lb/
Dr. Salim Chahine , Acting  
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies:
Dr. Assem Saffieddine
MBA Program Director :
Dr. Victor Aramen, email : va03@aub.edu.lb
EMBA Program Director:
Mr. Riad Dimachkie, email : rd08@aub.edu.lb
Director of Graduate Programs :
Mrs. Maya El Helou , email : helou@aub.edu.lb

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