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With its mission to form the elite of Lebanon and the region into the leaders of tomorrow, ESA has become a beacon of academic excellence within Lebanon, and a platform for interaction and meetings between Europe, the Middle East and Lebanon. Paying keen attention to businesses and their needs, ESA assists them in developing their visions, and helps them better achieve their objectives by training and coaching their executives and managers. Situated in the center of Beirut, and at the heart of the Middle East, ESA asserts its reach as an important international school, combining the talents of high-level learners and professors who rank among the world's most preeminent specialists.

THE STRENGTHS OF ESAPrograms and courses made to measure, to train executives and managers, in accordance with the needs of the international workplace. A faculty composed exclusively of professors drawn from the best business schools in Europe, particularly from ESCP Europe and HEC Paris.

Two international certifications, to validate each academic path: the ESA Degree and the Degree from its prestigious partner school. Flexible schedules, allowing for both training and professional lives to be combined. An influential international network, accessible by joining the ESA Alumni Association, which is linked to and a key associate of the ESCP Alumni Association. An advantageous place for business encounters, ESA organizes regular seminars and panel conferences with international speakers.  










Programme Info

Part-Time MBA:
Length of Programme: 16 months
Programme Structure: evenings
Starting Dates: September 2016
Minimum years of work experience:
Application deadlines: Tuesday 23 May 2017
Courses conducted in: English

Executive MBA:
Length of Programme: 18 months
Programme Structure: once a month
Starting Dates: January 2017
Minimum years of work experience: 5
Application deadlines: Friday October 6, 2017
Courses conducted in: English










Student Body

Part-Time MBA:
Number of Nationalities:
Male to Female ratio: 50-50
Age Range: 25-35
Average Age: 27
Degree Background: The candidate must be a higher education graduate
Length of Work Experience: 3 -8 years

Executive MBA:
Male to Female Ratio:
Average Age: 35
Length of Work Experience: 5-25 years
Academic Background: The candidate must be a higher education graduate











Part-Time MBA
University Degree:
Holder of a University Degree
GMAT: Minimum of 3 years of professional experience

Language fluency: English - French
Admission Interviews: Monday 12 to Friday 16 June 2017
Work Experience:Minimum of 3 years of professional experience
Application form available on: inscription.esa.edu.lb to fill and submit with the supporting documents

Executive MBA
Entrance qualifications: Study of application
English tests (provided by the student): IELTS, TOIEC or Internet-based TOEFL (IBT)
Admission interviews: from October 23 till October 27, 2017
Publication of results: Wednesday November 8, 2017
Starting date: January 2018
Jury Interview











Application fees: 120 USD
Tuition fees:  21,200.- USD (covering the fees of the International Seminar in Paris)
Administrative Registration Fees:  300.- USD per academic year (600.- USD in total)

ESA Business School MBA Team remains at your disposal for any further inquiry. Don’t hesitate to contact us: 00 961 1 373373











Lucien Letayf Jr.

Director General - Libano-Suisse Group, Société d’Assurances - Executive MBA, 1st class, 1999

ESA: Three Career-Changing Letters

Located in a magnificent setting, at the heart of the Lebanese capital, ESA has successfully established itself as a reference in the teaching of business management since its creation.

During my very short years of MBA at ESA, I had the opportunity to meet highly-qualified instructors, who could quickly understand the needs of the Lebanese market and adapt their methodology and teaching tools to help us optimize our management performance.

Conviviality, friendship and shared ambitions arose from our classrooms overlooking the famous pink house. We were there to learn, excited about the chance to integrate at ESA and become major actors in the business world.

My double degree has allowed me to achieve my personal ambitions and lead a large regional insurance group. With ESA, I was able to use all the knowledge I learned to expand the activity of our group throughout the Gulf and the Levant.

Our ESA has now become a must to all professionals wishing to maximize their chances of success in an increasingly-complicated, competitive and ruthless business world!

I keep nothing but good memories, good times and a strong desire to return!

I hope that future generations of young leaders will have the chance to experience the fun we had as first students of the 1997-1999 class, and that they can perpetuate the sense of pride of having attended ESA, which was and always will be our school.

Thank you ESA, "the career accelerator".



Name: Mrs. Nancy Jabbour - Mrs. Nibal El-Kadi
Email: Jabbour.n@esa.edu.lb
Telephone: 00 961 1 373 373
Website: www.esa.edu.lb










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