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Who should attend

IMD's Executive MBA program is for fast-rising, internationally experienced executives.


Why pick the IMD Executive MBA?

You want to develop, learn more about business, the world around you, and about yourself. Join the world's most rigorous, most challenging and most rewarding Executive MBA program.

We offer a world-class EMBA steeped in real world learning to strengthen your career:

  • Unique opportunities to challenge yourself
  • Learning you immediately apply to your company
  • Personal leadership development and coaching
  • Exposure to diversity of thinking, culture and industries
  • A highly flexible and integrated program format
  • World-class Faculty with direct industry exposure


    General overview

    • Length: 15 months minimum, modular/part-time
    • Format: 9 weeks residential, including modules in Switzerland as well as in China, Silicon Valley in the US, and options for India, Kenya, Brazil & Vietnam. Distance learning projects and assignments in between modules.
    • Intakes: 4 intakes per year, start in January, April, August or October
    • Time requirement: Typically 10-15 hours per week, variable.
    • Fee: CHF 105’000, flexible instalments
    • Diploma: MBA degree, accredited by AACSB, EQUIS/EFMD, AMBA
    • Focus: General Management, Leadership, Innovation
    • Methodology: Action-learning, real-world projects and assignments, 1-to-1 coaching, reflective feedback, classroom sessions, international expeditions
    • Internationalstudents: 90%
    • Sponsors: 131+ companies sponsor multiple students in the IMD EMBA
    • 1998: EMBA program launch



    Admissions Criteria


    • CAREER PROGRESSION: 10+ year’s professional achievement including clear career growth. Class average is 15 years’ experience.
    • LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: vision, courage, entrepreneurial, initiative, maturity, curiosity and self-confidence
    • MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: teams, project, P&L responsibilities, budgets
    • PROVEN INTELLECTUAL ABILITY: minimum undergraduate degree or equivalent. Class average 50% post-graduate degree.
    • INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK in career via working, living and/or studying internationally
    • SUPPORT of your company for assignments & time away
    • No GMAT or GRE required


    Company Sponsors

    Companies and organizations that have sponsored multiple IMD EMBA participants:

    • Large Corporations: IBM, ABB, Boeing, Worldmark, Novartis, Microsoft, Michelin, Saudi Aramco, Sony Ericsson, Shell, Philip Morris, A.P. Moller-Maersk, Nestle, Philips Lighting
    • Specialized Multinationals: Hilti Corporation, Bobst, Kühne & Nagel, Kudelski, Alfa Laval, Teva Pharmaceutical, EDF – Electricité de France, Logitech Europe, SAP, Odebrecht, Hoffmann-La Roche
    • Financial Institutions: Gazprombank, HSBC, Zurich Insurance, Danske Bank, Frimex Investments, Pictet & Cie, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank Nederland, ABN AMRO Bank Deloitte, Bank Muscat, Merrill Lynch, UBS
    • Public Institutions And Ngos: WWF, ICRC, University of Bahrain, ETH Switzerland, WHO
    • Family Businesses: Lego, Audemars Piguet, Novo Nordisk, Trimet, PMT Italia, Nippon Elevators
    • Small Or Highly Specialized Companies: Urasia Capital, Green Rig, Bunge, Maersk Oil, Alpiq, Six Group

    Career and Impact statistics

    • Salary today***: USD 272’000. Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2016 report
    • Salary increase***: 43%, three years post-program. Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2016 report
    • 13 year career acceleration via top-ranked schools’ MBA programs; 5 year career acceleration from second-tier schools - LinkedIn study by WEForum 2016
    • 17 month expected ROI period to companies sponsoring EMBA candidates – Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) industry report 2015


    1.5 YEAR post-graduation career evolution

    Looking at the graduating class of June 2015 and tracking their career in January 2017:

    • 50% report a major career transition in their careers
    • 33% change organizations
    • Alumni tend to not change country or industry

    Job title changes include:

    Manager to

    Global Lead

    Manager to


    Head to


    Head to


    Regional Director to

    General Manager

    Director to

    Managing Partner

    VP to


    VP to

    Managing Director


    5 YEAR typical career evolution

    Looking at the class of 2011 and tracking their career into 2016.

    • Alumni tend to not change country or industry
    • 50%+ change company and are promoted to senior management or higher positions

    Seniority evolution:



    Job Level

    2011  ®


    Senior Management or Board

    58%  ®


    Middle/Upper Management

    42%  ®



    0%   ®





    Same country



    Same industry



    Same company






    • 100’000 active alumni
    • 45 alumni clubs around the world
    • 1100 EMBA alumni
    • 83+ nationalities represented among EMBA alumni
    • 15% women EMBA alumna
    • 75% EMBA alumni in senior management (or higher) positions today
    • 8-10% EMBA alumni working independently or in new start-up

    Top company countries from 80 countries represented

    • Switzerland: 35%
    • Denmark: 8%
    • United States, The Netherlands and Germany: 5% each
    • Russia, United Kingdom and France: 3% each
    • Brazil, Norway and Italy: 2% each

    Top industries represented from 80 industries:

    • Banking 8%
    • Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, and Financial Services: 6% each
    • Telecommunications, Management and other Consultants, and Shipping: 5% each
    • Electric and Electronic Equipment, Food and Beverage, Oil/Gas/Mining: 4% each



    IMD Rankings

    #1           open programs worldwide, Financial Times 2012 – 2016

    #1           executive education worldwide, Financial Times 2012 – 2015

    #1           alumni network usefulness (all IMD) outside USA, Economist 2014


    Financial Times / EMBA Ranking 2016 by categories as rated by 2013 Alumni

    #2           worldwide for corporate strategy

    #2           worldwide for general management

    #4           worldwide for entrepreneurship


    Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2016

    #2           worldwide for international faculty

    #3           worldwide for work experience rank

    #3           worldwide for international students

    #9           worldwide for salary today

    #20         worldwide 3-year average ranking. 

    Our participants

    The IMD Executive MBA program is for fast-rising, internationally experienced managers who aspire to lead. On average, an Executive MBA participant is 41 years old, has 16 years of prior work experience, and speaks several languages. Participants are key employees for their companies and come from a wide range of industries, functions, nationalities and business experiences.The 50-60 exceptional people we select for each IMD Executive MBA program are smart, motivated achievers in the mood to learn and willing to share their knowledge. As such, the most valuable assets of the program are the knowledge and insights you gain from, and with, your classmates. You will also build valuable relationships for your company and your career.

    Typical class profile:

    • 50-60 Class enrolment
    • 39-41 Age
    • 25% Female participants
    • 30 Nationalities and industries
    • 16 Years of work experience
    • Director - typical job level
    • 5-10 years of management experience
    • 3-5+ countries worked/studied/lived in

    Pulling together a powerful group of executives who are keen to learn

    Our admissions criteria aim at securing the highest caliber of participants. There is no one 'ideal' profile of an IMD Executive MBA candidate, since we strive for diversity in the class. The program is designed for individuals age 35 and up with at least 10 years of business experience, strong management experience, consistent career progression and outstanding leadership potential.

    Admission is based on 6 main criteria:


    Professional achievement
    Career progression, with a strong preference for global experience and responsibility. We look at how your responsibility has increased, the breadth and depth of the knowledge you have acquired in the workplace, and the impact you have made on your organization.

    Leadership potential
    Are you an effective leader? Do you have what it takes to become one? We look for: vision, courage, initiative, maturity, curiosity and self-confidence.



    Intellectual ability
    Undergraduate university degree or equivalent. The GMAT or other aptitude tests are not required for admissions. Entry into the Mastery Stage of the program is dependent on the assessment taking place at the end of Advanced Management Concepts.


    International outlook 
    In order to maintain the highly international outlook of the IMD Executive MBA program, we look for candidates with: cultural sensitivity, time spent living or working outside own country, international scope of career, knowledge of foreign languages.



    English language proficiency
    English is the language of instruction. You must have a strong command of both written and spoken English.



    The support of your company
    The IMD Executive MBA program requires a serious commitment from you and your sponsoring organization, which must be willing to become a "laboratory" for your learning. The financial support of your organization is a matter to be resolved between you and your company.

    GMAT, TOEFL or IELTS: Not Required
    Application form (including essays)
    Sponsor’s recommendation and two additional recommendations
    Transcripts and diplomas (with translation if necessary)
    2 passport photos
    1 business card

    Below you will find an overview of the costs for tuition and other expenses. All costs in addition to tuition are estimates, and are intended to act as a guideline only. 

    Tuition fees

    The fee for the program is CHF 105,000. This includes tuition, learning materials and a three-course lunch served at IMD on weekdays.

    Payment timingSum

    Deposit (non-refundable) upon acceptance of admission

    CHF 10,000

    Foundations for Business Leadership (payable 30 days upon acceptance)

    CHF 25,000

    Advanced Management Concepts - distance-learning module (payable one month prior to starting)

    CHF 15,000

    EMBA fees

    CHF 55,000


    CHF 105,000


    • Additional Total Estimated Expenses: 25,000 CHF


    Financial aid and payment options

    IMD's Executive MBA Program does not offer any financial aid or scholarships directly from IMD.

    However, our advisors can best inform you on where to apply for funding or loans depending on your country and status. Advisors will also provide you with the necessary admissions documentation to apply for the funding or loans. Advisors are also available to create your flexible or staggered tuition payment plan.



    Ch. de Bellerive 23
    P.O. Box 915
    CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
    Telephone: +41 21 618 0700


    EMBA Program Partner: Dariu Dumitru:, +41 21 618 0276

    • Call a Program Advisor: +41 (0)21 618 0700

    • Email a Program Advisor:










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