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Application for ASB’s MBA Programme Is Now Open

The Asia School of Business (ASB) in Kuala Lumpur, which was founded by MIT Sloan and Malaysia’s central bank in 2015, has started accepting applications for the next MBA class.

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How to Stand Out with Your MBA Application (VIDEO)

The charming Stacy Blackman from (you guessed it!) Stacy Blackman Consulting has some important tips for MBA candidates who want to stand out from the crowd, when ...

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What's the Competition Like?

White collar, blue collar, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Sheikh, Slumdog Millionaire, white, black, General Manager, CEO, accountant ...

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The Password to an MBA

The Executive MBA has many similarities to the traditional full-time MBA and the part-time MBA. The programmes have similar curricula and aim to train highly-educated ...

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The Best Candidates Wanted!

An Interview with Dr. Kalin Yanev, Candidate Relations Director at Access MBA & Masters Tour ...

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How to Get Admitted

Appliying for MBA admission is a challenging process. A lot of advice is available on the actual preparation of the application ...

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Do Not Just Apply

Riadh Hamida founder and CEO of a dynamic test preparation and consulting centre in Paris shares what some of the most common mistakes in GMAT preparation are and suggests specific strategies to improve your performance.

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DOs and DON'Ts

Getting into a top-10 business school isn't impossible. Access MBA Reach international partners share from their ample consulting experience what you need to do to get into your dream MBA...

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How Coaches Make Champions

MBA coaching is comprehensive professional guidance for candidates who aim to gain admission to the ever challenging MBA programmes. Just as in sports and arts, individuals who aim at high performance usually rely on structured professional...

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GMAT, Essays, Interviews… Is there more?

Many people want an MBA. Few people get it. The first step to success is proper planning and school selection during the application process. The whole admission procedure is a tough job and a valuable experience which will at least help you see yourself in the context of your priorities and goals...

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FAQ About Admissions

ACCESS MBA Guide has selected some of the most frequently asked questions about the process of admission to business schools. Once you have made up your mind to take the big step of following the MBA route, you need to know more about how to get enrolled in the schools of your choice...

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MBA Admissions Coaching is a Partnership

Your coach will provide you with guidance and support in order to maximize your chances of admission to the MBA programmes that fit your capacity and aspirations. What role does your coach...

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Having a coach is critical

Applicants have challenging requirements to fulfil before a school will even consider seeing and interviewing a student. The GMAT, which is compulsory for all the top business schools, is a challenge in itself, as are the essays and - all being well - the interview that follows. It is not a case of waking up one morning and saying 'Hey, I'm going to do an MBA' - or if you do, at least take the time to think things through very carefully before deciding...

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How to gain admission to top schools. Choose the right programme and make sure to apply in the right way

Once you have chosen your MBA school you might be asking yourself what makes a good MBA candidate. In turn, admissions officers will be searching for proof that your candidacy is good for their MBA programme...

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Choosing Topics for the Essay

In your applications, the schools are attempting to get to know you through your essays. So what should you write about? Write about what is most important to you and distinctive about you. The admissions readers seek to uncover how...

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What is a good GMAT Score: do you need 700 to get into a top MBA?

A strong GMAT score and good undergraduate grades are often credentials which get you in the game rather than guarantee you admission. Community or professional involvement, or both, is an opportunity to show the admissions people that you''re dynamic, energetic, creative, working with other people, and demonstrating leadership qualities...

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Application Timing

Timing is everything, as the saying goes. While that is frequently true, when it comes to your MBA applications quality trumps all. If you application isn't the best it can be, then applying...

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The Admissions Interview: After sending out your application, interview is the next step

Much the interview process may be distasteful to some, it does represent a prime opportunity not only to put a face and personality behind the name and credentials on your application file, but also to express your qualities and intentions in person...

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How to Write Powerful Essays?

I will answer this question from the Business School's point of view. Essentially, the MBA application essays are the Admissions Committee's attempt to understand WHO an applicant is, as well as why they are interested in pursuing an MBA...

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A Strong GMAT Score and Good Undergraduate Grades Get You in the Game rather than Guarantee your Admission

The students at the MBA Center Paris are a diverse group of engineers, consultants, salesmen, and general managers. Our students already have an international profile. Despite the prestige of some of the firms they represent, many of our students feel that there is a lack of upward mobility in their jobs.

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Don't Be Caught by Surprise

I frequently heard about MBA programmes during my professional career but thought they were not for me. The prospective to go back to school was daunting; I was enjoying my position, my company and my family life. But in 2002, ...

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MBA Coaching

Admissions to a top MBA programme is very selective. Applicants' profiles are evaluated through an application and an interview. The items that make up an application can be divided into two categories.

Most of your hard skills can't be changed. Only the test scores can be increased. Your GMAT and TOEFL scores are usually higher correlated to your academic and professional background and your international exposure. However, there is still potential to improve your soft skills.

Soft Skills

- Motivation
- Personal and professinal project
- Personality
- Extracurricular activities

Hard Skills

- Academic background
- Professional background
- GMAT and TOEFL scores
- International exposure

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