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The Mutual Benefit of MBA Corporate Sponsorship

The corporate sponsorship of your MBA must be a mutually beneficial deal between you and your employer.

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An MBA is expensive. Here are some tips for getting the money together to do one.

Let's face it: an MBA is expensive - substantially more than most master's programs. And when you start adding up living expenses, books and transportation costs, the total price tag can be enough to make some potential MBAs think twice.

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How to Negotiate a Corporate Sponsorship for Your EMBA

A corporate sponsorship for your EMBA studies can include financial support, employer endorsement, and adjusting your business targets for the duration of the programme. Seeking assistance from your employer will take effort and preparation, but following.

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Funding your MBA

Once you have decided to follow the MBA route, the most important question indisputably is how to finance it. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the different options of picking up the bill. The rule of thumb in this case is there is no rule of thumb.

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There are three kinds of financial aid:

  • Grants/Scholarships: Given to talented students on the basis of specific and often combined criteria (merit, country of origin, gender, past accomplishments, etc.)
  • Loans: Borrowed from a bank or other financial institution; loan repayment can typically be deferred during the academic programme.
  • Fellowships: Opportunities to earn money by teaching or assisting with research during the academic year.

And How About the Bill

Planning. That’s the most important thing when it comes to financing your MBA. And it should include both the time while you are studying, and afterwards. For better or worse, the price of quality business degrees is one of the few things the crisis didn’t affect…

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The Hunt for Scholarships

Once you have decided to pursue an MBA degree, the question of how to pay for your education becomes an urgent issue to resolve ...

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Mission Possible!

No one would dispute that the MBA is a costly challenge. The good news is that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to funding the total bill: personal savings, parental support ...

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Are You Outstanding? Are You Unique?

The latest GMAC survey shows that 2011 MBA candidates were equally or more qualified than those of the previous year. Those who are best prepared and possess unique achievements are the most successful when competing for merit-based scholarships...

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Ways of Paying the Bill

The main concern of the majority of MBA candidates is the cost of their education. Along with the high return on investment, the degree goes hand-in-hand with a considerable expense, which especially during difficult times requires careful calculations and planning...

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Financing an MBA

Full-time MBA candidates have traditionally financed their education through personal savings, family endowments, scholarships, grants, loans, and partners' wages. While tuition for full-time MBA programmes is usually less than tuition for part-time Executive MBA programmes, a full-time MBA student must take into account a higher opportunity cost of lost earnings...

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MBA Scholarships

MBA schools offer various scholarships for their students. Candidates must meet certain conditions, the most common being good GMAT scores and excellent academic results and/or career achievements. Most schools...

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Nearly a Million Ways to Pay for Your MBA

A Google search using the keywords "mba, financing" turns up a whopping 962,000-plus hits. After sharply noting that your parents are not named on the list of nearly a million people handing out money, aspiring applicants still can rest assured the funds are out there...

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