The GMAT : how MBA candidates are evaluated

Graduate Management Admissions Test


The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is an American standardized exam which is exclusively taken in English.
The GMAT exam was specifically created in order to test and assess candidates’ overall critical thinking in English, and the kind of language, mathematical and analytical writing skills that candidates are expected to have acquired over several years of studies and/or professional activity. The GMAT does not test any specific business knowledge.
Individuals applying to upper level management schools, and specifically to MBA programs, have to take the GMAT and achieve the minimum score required by Admissions Councils.
The GMAT is required by most MBA programs worldwide.

Nb : As opposed to the TOEFL or the TOEIC  exams which are only required of non-English natives, the GMAT exam is required of English natives and non-English natives alike.

The GMAT Exam
It is a 4 hour long test, made up of multiple choice questions and two written essays. Candidates have:
- 75 minutes to answer 37 quantitative questions,
- 75 minutes to answer 41 vocabulary questions,
- 30 minutes for each of the two written essays

The GMAT Score
The maximum score one can receive is 800 points, the minimum score being 200 points.
The average score received by candidates accepted into French management schools or MBA programs varies between 650 and 690 points.

Validity and Frequency
GMAT results are valid for 5 years, and the exam itself can be (re)taken once every 31 days (with a maximum of 5 times in 1 year).

Preparing for the GMAT
Preparing for the GMAT is indispensable even if one has a very good level of English or math to begin with. It is indeed imperative to understand and master the following concepts prior to taking the GMAT:
- the CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) structure of the exam (a computerized test using an American keyboard, with multiple questions to be answered during a limited amount of time, and 2 analytical essays to be written, with the computer system correcting candidates’ answers in real time and adapting the difficulty level of their questions – and therefore the possible range of their final score – accordingly).
- the specific American mindset with which the required language, mathematical and analytical skills are assessed.

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The Test of English as a Foreign Language, is recognized and accepted globally by colleges and universities as a poof of English mastery required for academic purposes. Click here to find out more about TOEFL.

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