New TOEIC Study Book

New TOEIC Study Book by the MBA Center is designed to give students the best, most up-to-date preparation for both TOEIC L&R and TOEIC S&W. This 510-page manual covers all the sections of the test and contains an mp3 CD with about 4 hours of practice material. The book offers everything you will need.

The 2007 edition of the MBA Center's New TOEIC® Study Book provides TOEIC test takers with a distinctive advantage. With analysis, lessons, and exercises prepared by language experts and tested in our classrooms, improvement in both TOEIC score and language ability is guaranteed. 

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- Effective, easy-to-understand approach

- Established test techniques and strategies

- Comprehensive Grammar Review

- Special skills-enhancing training materials

- Exercises for Speaking developed by language experts

- and practice, practice, practice!

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