The only U.S. School Offering an MBA at three permanent locations

An interview with Arnold Longboy

Director of Corporate Relations & Recruitment

What does your B-school do to reinforce its position of Leadership?

Since our founding as the 2nd oldest business school in the U.S. our guiding principle has been based on what we refer to as the Chicago Approach — our emphasis on the basic disciplines that underlie all of business. The Chicago Approach further builds on these disciplines and provides students with an opportunity to apply these concepts to the areas of finance, marketing, operations, management, strategy, etc. By using these frameworks, they develop a disciplined approach that enables them to logically think through a business problem or issue, even if it deals with an unfamiliar area.

Could you give a brief overview of the Chicago Executive MBA program?

Our executive MBA programme is a part-time general management programme consisting of 16 complete weeks of classes spread over 21 months (i.e. 1 week of classes — from Monday to Saturday — every 4-6 weeks). Students from all three campuses begin the programme together in late June at the Chicago campus. Then, during the second summer of the programme, students from the three campuses work and study together as part of the international exchange. A total of four weeks — 25 percent of the programme — will be spent working with students from our other two campuses and studying there as well. It’s a great way to build an international network.

How does your executive MBA program fit the work schedules of your students?

All of our students work fulltime while pursuing the Chicago degree on a part-time basis. Balancing professional, academic, and personal lives is a challenge for busy people. But having started the first executive MBA program back in 1943, this is an issue with which we have accumulated a lot of first-hand experience. From talking to students who have been the most successful in balancing multiple demands, we’ve learned that discussing and planning up-front for the MBA experience is extremely important. Equally important is ongoing communication with superiors, peers, subordinates and family members while pursuing the MBA.

What makes your program unique?

1. The professors that teach the executive MBA in London are the same professors who teach the full-time MBA programme in Chicago. As our faculty forms part of the larger University of Chicago, they have to meet the same high standards of teaching and research of all University of Chicago appointed professors. Like the other University faculties, GSB professors have an extraordinary history: the GSB has produced six of the University’s record 78 Nobel Prizes.
2. Our executive MBA graduates earn an MBA degree that is identical to the degree awarded to the full-time students.
3. The Chicago GSB is the only top-tiered business school with its own campuses on three different continents. Since it is an integrated executive MBA program, our students experience a high degree of interaction with executives from all over the world. This provides a level of interaction that exposes students to an environment extremely rich in global content.

How do the students of the Chicago Business School finance their studies?

Typically, part-time programs like an executive MBA don't provide scholarships because many students receive financial support from their employers. The support provided varies according to the specific policies of each company. However, we do administer loan programs for qualified students.

Does the Chicago Executive MBA program provide career services for students?

We have not offered on-campus recruitment for our executive students because all are employed and many have the financial support of their companies. However, we are committed to our graduates’ career success well beyond graduation and we have a career development office in London.

About Chicago GSB

The Chicago GSB has permanent campuses in Chicago, London, and Singapore. The Executive MBA Programme Europe makes its home in London at the Woolgate Exchange. The unified program model allows cross-fertilization of ideas.

What are the characteristics you are looking for in applicants?
The average age is 35, and the average work experience is about 10-12 years. Students come from all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Our most recent intake has 90 students representing 40 countries. They come from a variety of business areas, including marketing, finance, operations, etc. Applicants come with many different objectives. Examples include a functional expert ready to move into a more general management role and a business professional interested in starting a business.

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