Full-Time MBA

Programme Features

A Full – Time MBA requires dedication and commitment throughout the tenure of the program.  This authentic program offers the students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a stimulating environment delivering greater development of personal and professional skills.


There are 2 main formats for the full-time programs
-  Full – Time 2 year format
-  Full – Time 1 year format

Full – time 2 year format: The courses are spread over 2 academic years, enabling students to enjoy a more theoretical as well as a practical approach through an internship.

Full – time 1 year format: This format is more intense and fast paced than the 2 year format. Candidates have to dedicate this entire year to the program and have to get accustomed to the rapid dynamics of the courses.


The full-time MBA courses are designed to prepare students to face the pressurised corporate world. These courses are designed to offer in-depth knowledge on a range of different topics, enabling the candidates to capsize more informational and knowledge over a smaller period of time. Candidates benefit from a pool of valuable skills and experiences through these well rounded courses. The courses are usually divided over terms / semesters, whereby the core courses are held in the first or second semesters and the electives being held in the last semester. Towards the end of the program, students are required to do a thesis / dissertation / business project or an internship to further accelerate and apply their theoretical knowledge to the actual business world.


The full-time MBA requires candidates to usually relocate to the geographical origin of the B-School. This type of program is best suited to individuals who are ready to explore new regions and opportunities. This course structure is not a suitable option for those with family responsibilities, or for those who wish to continue working.


  • Course completion over short period of time
  • Wider access to highly qualified teaching resources, networking & career services
  • Higher possibility to work on an elevated corporate level without giving up number of years
  • Option of exploring new ventures and opportunities in a new country / city
  • Advanced possibility to enter a new career / new industry
  • Greater chances to get a higher salary


Courses follow an intensive format often pressurising candidates
Requires full time commitment and dedication
Candidates have to relocate to the location of the school, making it difficult to manage for those with family responsibilities
The program requires leave of job / work as balancing full time courses and work is not recommended


From 12 to 24 months
US - 2 year format
Europe – 1 year format


15,000 to 55,000 euros

Admission requirements:

Bachelor's degree, GMAT, TOEFL, minimum 3 years of work experience, recommendations, essays, interviews

Program Curriculum:

The traditional full–time MBA follows an intensive schedule, courses being held throughout the day. Both the formats follow the core / elective frameworks.

Career Services:

Candidates can freely access the dedicated career development services setup by most schools.

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