We Are Looking for Students with Intellect,

Drive, Talents and Personality

An interview with Dr. Arnis Vilks

Dean, HHL (Germany)

About HHL

The HHL philosophy is the same today as when we were founded in 1898: to emphasize not only the technical facets of business study but also the development and evolution of individual character. Our "corporate philosophy" is to encourage initiative, engagement and reflective and responsible thinking and action. HHL provides a general management education that meets the highest academic standards to students with intellect, drive, talents, and personality to become business and managerial leaders.

Could you give our readers some information on your MBA Programs?

HHL offers a 15 month full-time MBA Program as well as a two-year part-time MBA Program. All teaching is in English and courses cover all important functional business areas (accounting, marketing, finance etc.) as well as application fields such as e-commerce, entrepreneurship and IT. A multicultural and cosmopolitan student body is one of our key strengths. Currently, we have 43 students from 17 countries enrolled into HHL’s full-time MBA Program. Distinguished international faculty with a global focus adds to this international experience. Part of HHL’s philosophy is to combine the strengths of American and German business education by linking training in decision-oriented management skills with a sound conceptual and theoretical understanding of business and economics.

What are the characteristics you are looking for in applicants?

Our English language MBAs are designed primarily for students and professionals who seek managerial positions but whose prior academic training was not focused on business but rather, for example, was in the natural sciences, humanities or social sciences, and international students and young professionals who seek managerial positions with firms either based in Germany or Europe or with significant operations in Europe.

What business areas do your students generally enter after graduation?

All HHL students benefit from our established and very successful career placement operation. All students who come to HHL do so because they expect that earning an MBA will improve their career opportunities. HHL’s Placement Center hosts weekly presentations by a prominent company. Each firm sends a team of recruiters to speak with our students about employment and summer internship possibilities. HHL has a record of placing graduates with prominent international firms, including Arthur Andersen, BASF, Bayer AG, Bertelsmann, Booz Allen & Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Ford, Henkel, Kirch-Gruppe, KPMG, McKinsey, Monitor Company, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Roland Berger, Siemens and Volkswagen.

What are your school’s plans for the future?

HHL is continuously improving its reputation and is aiming to receive international accreditation in the second quarter of 2004. We will also continue to offer further international programs to talented students from all of the world and add new focuses to our curriculum like business and global ethics.

What advice would you give to potential candidates?

We urge you to apply as early as possible in order to be able to serve you best. We have noticed that questions of the candidates are best and in full detail answered if we have sufficient time to do so.

About Dr. Arnis Vilks

Dr. Arnis Vilks studied economics, mathematics and philosophy at the University of Hamburg, where he attained his PhD in 1983 and finished his habilitation in 1990. He has been a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge and a visiting scholar at Stanford University, and he taught at the University of Cologne and the Eurofaculty in Riga, Latvia, before he was appointed the Chair of Microeconomics at HHL in 1995. Since 2000, Professor Vilks holds the position of the Dean at HHL.


Website: www.hhl.de
Admission’s email: mba@hhl.de

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