MBA Programmes in Europe – Highlights and Locations

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Mapping European Dimensions

The EU is an amazing place to work and live - 28 nation states with impressive cultural wealth and historical heritage. Altogether, it has the highest GDP in the world ...

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Ticket to Europe

Employers worldwide value MBA degree holders from Europe highly. There are myriad good reasons to choose to pursue your degree in the schools of the Old Continent ...

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Study, Then Work in UK?

The UK implemented reforms to its visa policy for students as of April 2012. There are tougher prerequisites and changes to after-graduation work permits, but MBA applicants and students should not be discouraged and put off by those as experience shows that they still manage very well within the new requirements ...

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Old Continent, New Perspectives

Though the USA seems like a traditional choice for MBA studies, Europe can offer students a great deal in terms of diversity, international perspective, and recruiter appeal ...

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49 Years Difference?

49 years – is the length of time separating the first American MBA programme from the first one in European. The Graduate School of Business Administration at Harvard University started its Master of Business Administration degree in 1908 and not until 1957 did INSEAD in France follow suit. Have the Europeans and Americans now reached the same level...

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UK New Visa Policy Targets the Best

As of April 2012, the UK implemented changes to its student visa policy, including tougher entrance requirements and tightening work entitlements. The changes, however, will not affect students pursuing an MBA degree and a high-profile career in the UK...

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Bologna Accord Spurs European Business : School Race to Reform

"A Europe of knowledge is now widely recognized as an irreplaceable factor for social and human growth and as an indispensable component to consolidate and enrich the European citizenship, capable of giving its citizens the necessary competencies to face the challenges of the new millennium, together with an awareness of shared values and belonging to a common social and cultural space."

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Finding Americans on Europe's MBA Programmes

Despite the soaring euro, more and more Americans are applying to European MBA programmes. In selecting the most appropriate European MBA programmes, American students are looking to those b-schools that offer an international MBA within a multicultural and diverse environment. By gaining this added dimension, American students are in a better position to position their profiles in line with the needs of global corporations and organisations. 

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Reims Management School

Interviews with Reims Management School MBA alumni

Having a mechanical engineering background and a 5-year experience in technical and commercial fields in the Middle East area, I have reached a point in my career path where to move forward into the international business, a first-class degree is considered necessary...

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