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An interview with Alain Hermelin


Since 1981, IEMI has maintained a proud philosophy of continuing education and international exchanges to reach the highest levels of European and international dimensions. The Institute offers an MBA program with truly different professional and geographical concentrations.

Could you describe the structure of your MBA program?

Our program includes regular core courses as well as specialized tracks.
It is a part-time program based in Paris or in Brussels. Courses are organized into three-day modules held every two weeks, spread over a period of 18 months.
Seminars are conducted in different locations – Brussels, London, Moscow, and Beijing – according to their scope of interest.

Each participant will undertake a personal consultancy project according to professional and geographical concentrations focusing on a specific company or country.
A formal presentation of the project will be defended in Paris or Brussels in front of a jury composed of leading professionals and industry experts. 

Could you tell us more about the international dimension of your school?

IEMI has, from the very beginning of its existence, invited prestigious visiting professors. It holds a close partnership with educational and professional institutions such as:

  • HCMS – Moscow ;
  • Huangpu University – Beijing ;
  • ECMU - Brussels ;
  • Tiffin University – Ohio - USA ;

IEMI benefits from a wide university network of educational associations, such as ACBSP – USA (Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs) ECBE – Belgium (European Council for Business Education) and ECMU – Belgium (European Corporate Management University.)
This network allows interested students to spend time abroad and obtain a double degree, if they wish. 

What is different about your program and your school's approach to business education?

Our MBA is special because we offer a customized program with personal tutoring, which allows the participant to finalize his or her research project.
Working in small groups adds specificity to the learning environment.
Our long-term international spirit, featuring partnerships signed in 1988 with the Higher Commercial School of Moscow and in 1989 with the University of Huangpu in Beijing, makers our Institute a leader in globalization.

And finally, an acute sense of anticipation allows us to constantly adapt and adjust our courses to the current needs of each industry. Innovative tracks with a real-world approach to business helps train the future decision-makers at the highest level. This is our challenge.

Our alumni also make valuable contributions to the program by advising and helping it evolve by suggesting new topics. 

What can you tell us about your graduates' success in finding employment?

Careerwise, participants in our MBA program succeed largely due to a consultancy project, which enables them to readily enter the business world. It's a winning opportunity to experience becoming a true European or Russian or Chinese entrepreneur.

Alain Hermelin
Who are the participants in your MBA program?
Students from more than 30 countries take part in the program, evaluating themselves through the spirit and strength of their accomplishments. IEMI students acquire, as the years pass, international and European skills and know-how, thanks to our strong spirit of multicultural education.

Program participants come from very different professional fields and industries – Hospitality, Luxury, Tourism, Sports and Leisure and International Business – along with European companies based in Russia, China, U.S., Brazil and the Middle East.


Tel IEMI Paris: +33145265928
Tel IEMI BRUSSELS: +3226404265
Website : www.iemi.com

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