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Evaluate your GMAT skills with the Access MBA online practice test

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The GMAT is required by most MBA programmes worldwide. It is used to assess candidates' overall critical thinking in English, as well as mathematical and analytical skills that candidates are expected to have acquired over several years of studies and/or professional activity. The test is standardized, meaning that the results are comparable among candidates and allow a selection among them based on this criterion.

Before taking the official test, you need to know, as a minimum, your level in each of skills tested on the GMAT. Our practice test will allow you to evaluate your current GMAT level and point out the weaker skills – helping you gauge your preparation path for the GMAT!

PrepAdviser's GMAT Practice Test gives you all this – and more! Designed by a group of test preparation specialists and admissions consultants, this realistic full-length test not only gives you a score immediately upon completion, but also allows you to analyze, question by question, your responses and explanations for each answer choice, be it correct or incorrect.

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Access MBA GMAT Practice Test

Complete Verbal and Quantitative sections:

- Quantitative section: 37 questions - 75 min
   - Problem Solving
   - Data Sufficiency

- Verbal section: 41 questions - 75 min
   - Reading Comprehension
   - Critical Reasoning
   - Sentence Correction

- Integrated reasoning section: 12 questions – 30 min

Realistic testing conditions

Realistic difficulty level

Complete review with explanations


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