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The GMAT is required by most MBA programmes worldwide. It is used to assess candidates' overall critical thinking in English, as well as mathematical and analytical skills that candidates are expected to have acquired over several years of studies and/or professional activity. The test is standardized, meaning that the results are comparable among candidates and allow a selection among them based on this criterion. GMAT is an important element of the MBA admission process as well as very often in scholarship applications.

Language Tests

International applicants for an MBA may also be required to take a standardized English language proficiency test. The most commonly required tests are TOEFL and IELTS.

Types of Services:

GMAT and Language Training: Classroom and on-line preparation for MBA admission tests with the best companies accessible to you. MBA Reach consultants will offer you a selection of the training opportunities that best suit your needs, schedule, location and goals. Global access. Exclusive discounts. Part of Your MBA Admission package.

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GMAT: A Real Full-Length Practice Test On-line. Evaluate your current GMAT level on-line. The realistic full-length test not only gives you an immediate score upon completion, but also allows you to analyze, question by question, your responses and explanations for each answer, be it correct or incorrect. This service is available in two packages with up to 9 other services

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MBA Admission Tests Preparation


MBA Reach consultants will offer you a selection of test preparation options which are provided by leading educational centres. The selection will match the level of your current skills, your needs, schedule, location, budget and goals.


MBA Reach members can additionally take advantage of exclusive discounts for the MBA admission tests preparation exclusively provided by the selected educational centres.


MBA Reach members have access to online tools to evaluate their current GMAT skills and get to know the test before they start their preparation.

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