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The Duke MBA Daytime Program In the Fuqua Daytime MBA program, we're dedicated to molding multidimensional, technically competent thinkers and doers who can maneuver the complexity of an interdependent global economy - the professionals companies and organizations need in order to be successful. But technical knowhow and business savvy are not adequate aspirations for a Duke MBA student. You must also possess the moral compass to both "get along" and "get it right" in guiding organizations toward a collective good for ALL stakeholders in the organization, the community, and the world.

The Duke MBA Cross Continent Program The Duke MBA Cross Continent Program is designed to help full-time working professionals earn a world-class MBA in only 16 months, and to build a culturally diverse peer network with students from 25 countries. You will study in five locations across the world Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Shanghai/Kunshan, and our home campus in Durham, North Carolina  as well as at your home with our distance learning platform. You will have access to diverse classmates, companies, industries, and partners a unique professional network not offered by any other MBA program. This program builds more than global awareness: it provides the real-world experience that will help you develop global competence and prepare you for international job responsibilities.

The Duke MBA Global Executive Program To lead in a global economy, you must be able to not only identify and interpret but also reconcile the various drivers shaping today's complex business environment. To achieve this level of global business awareness and analysis, the Duke MBA Global Executive Program brings together senior executives with diverse backgrounds and experiences for a rigorous business management education that integrates learning experiences across economies. In addition to two residencies at Duke's campus in Durham, North Carolina, you will complete three residencies at international sites, each consisting of a pair of cities in the same region: London and St. Petersburg, New Delhi and Dubai, Shanghai and Bangkok. You will learn about the social, economic, political, historical, and cultural issues that influence business around the world so that you can effectively lead and manage a global operation.

The Duke MBA Weekend Executive Program Students in the Weekend Executive Program earn a top-tier MBA while retaining their jobs, staying on career trajectories, and enhancing their professional networks. This program is designed to align with our global strategy and to provide you with the knowledge and resources needed for today's diverse and ever-changing business environment. Program features include:
- Networking opportunities through a shared elective term with Cross Continent MBA students from all over the world who will meet you in Durham;
- Optional concentrations in Energy and Environment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing, Finance, and Strategy;
- An optional certificate in Health Sector Management;
- Leadership and professional development components woven throughout the course of your program;
- A general business management curriculum to prepare you for positions that require global business knowledge.

Master of Management Studies The Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree provides entry-level business skills to students with little or no career experience. The MMS curriculum covers 15 business courses (a total of 43 credit units), taught over five terms of six weeks each. Two MMS programs are available: the MMS: Foundations of Business (MMS: FOB) and the MMS: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: DKU). Both programs begin on Duke University's campus in the United States. MMS: FOB students will remain in the United States for their degree while the MMS: DKU students will travel to China to complete their program at Duke Kunshan UIniversity in China.

Program Info

Name of School: Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business
Ranking: Business Week: 6th in U.S. (Daytime MBA), Financial Times: 8th globally (Executive MBA), U.S. News & World Report: 4th in U.S. (Executive MBA)
Type of Program:
Full-time: Daytime MBA, Master of Management Studies
EMBA: Cross Continent, Global Executive, Weekend Executive
Online or Distance:

Student Body

Number of nationalities: 53 (Daytime MBA)
Men: Women ratio 2:1 (Daytime MBA)
Average Age: Daytime 29, Cross Continent 30, Global Executive 39, Weekend Executive 33, Master of Management Studies 23


Application fees : 125 USD (Master of Management Studies), 225 USD (all other programs)
Tuition fees : Daytime 55,300 USD (first-year tuition), Cross Continent 135,000 USD (includes everything except flights), Global Executive 162,000 USD (includes everything except flights), Weekend Executive 118,000 USD (includes everything except travel), Master of Management Studies 47,200 USD
Scholarships availabilities: Yes, merit-based, for all programs



Michael Bulzan, Regional Director, Europe
Telephone: +44.20.7936.6078

Daria Zarubina, Regional Director, Russia & CIS
Telephone: +7.812.955.0819

Lana Dajani, Regional Director, Middle East
Telephone: (+86) 021.6289.8365


Dean: Professor Bill Boulding
MBA program director: Professor Jennifer Francis, Senior Associate Dean for Programs
MBA admission director: Liz Riley-Hargrove, Associate Dean for Admissions

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