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This broad network encourages students to participate in inter-campus exchanges in the following countries: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Austria, Kazakhstan, Syria, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.
EU offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with 10 different management specialties: International Business, Communication & Public Relations, International Marketing, Global Banking & Finance, Leisure & Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, EBusiness, Sports Management and Human Resources Management.
EU brings the American education model to Europe by relating classroom theory to professional skills. The courses are taught in English using the case study method to prevent business theory from remaining abstract and incomprehensible. EU's pragmatic approach to business education is proven to effectively prepare students for leadership positions in business and industry. EU internationalizes its Programmes by providing a unique learning environment; an international perspective is guaranteed by the composition of the faculty and student body.
EU provides an education that is student-oriented, flexible and personal. All courses are taught by qualified faculty members with a wealth of practical experience in their fields. EU faculty works with students on an individual basis to create a cooperative and caring learning environment where human values flourish.
Furthermore, EU's curricula aim at educating the individual in the sound ethics which underpin the EU philosophy: hard work, responsibility, leadership, honesty and self-reliance. Running a business in an honest manner is not an option, but the only way to compete in today's demanding world. In this sense, EU students are taught to approach managerial decision-making with critical awareness of each alternative and to make decisions based on these values.

There are five different ways to study for an MBA depending on the needs of the individual:

Full-time MBA
The full-time MBA Programme at European University is a 1-year Programme divided into 3 academic terms of 10 weeks each. This enables participants undertaking internships or those pursuing their careers full- or part-time to attend class without interruption.

Part-time MBA
This 2-year Programme follows the same curriculum as the full-time MBA, but coursework is completed over 6 terms of 10 weeks each, with students attending 2?3 courses per term. Candidates can enroll for EU's part-time MBA in October, January and March.

Dual MBA
This Programme is offered in collaboration with Nichols College, USA. The Dual MBA presents the opportunity to earn 2 MBA degrees in as little as 1 year: complete 5 MBA courses with European University and a further 10 with Nichols College in the United States on-site or via distance learning. This Programme starts in October, January and March.

Executive MBA
The EU Executive MBA is designed for energetic executives who seek a versatile and challenging MBA experience to enhance their global competitiveness. Applicants should possess a Bachelor's degree and a minimum of 5 years' managerial experience.

Cross MBA
The Cross MBA is offered in collaboration with US partner Nichols College, offering in one Programme both European and American graduate degrees.The Cross MBA curriculum covers all main functional areas of business and consists of 15 courses, 10 of which are provided by Nichols College faculty flying in to Europe and 5 by EU Europe and Asia faculty.Furthermore participants can start the Cross MBA Programme any month.

Online MBA
The Online MBA follows the same curriculum as our full-time MBA. Highly interactive classes delivered online, this is a one-year programme divided into three 10-week terms. At the end of each term, students travel for a week to our Munich, Geneva and Barcelona campuses respectively, where they will take part in industrial visits, tests and networking events.

Programme Info

Name of School: European University
Type of Programme:
Full-time MBA - 1-year Programme, classes Monday to Friday, 3 terms of 10 weeks each
Part-time MBA - 2-year Programme, classes 2/3 times a week, 6 terms of 10 weeks each
Executive MBA - 15-month Programme, Saturday classes, 5 terms of 10 weeks each
Cross MBA - a 15-month Programme, weekend classes, combined online/distance learning
Online MBA - 1-year programme - 3 terms of 10 weeks each, one week campus visits at the end of each term
Starting Dates:
Full- and Part-time, Online MBA, Dual MBAs - October, January and March.
Executive MBA - October, December, March, May and July.
Cross MBA - any month

Student Body

Europe: 37%
North America: 17%
Asia: 17%
South America: 12%
Middle East: 8%
CIS: 5%
Other: 4%
Age Range: 21-45
Average Age: 28
Previous studies:
Business Administration/Economics: 21%
Engineering: 20%
Sciences: 16%
Political Sciences and Law: 14%
PR and Media: 13%
Humanities: 9%
Other: 7%
Work Experience:
5-10 years: 17%
3-5 years: 35%
0-2 years: 48%

Admission requirements*

1.Completed application form
2.Copy of university diploma and last-year transcripts
3.Minimum GPA 3.0 on a 4.0 basis
4.English language certificate (for non-native speakers)
5.Satisfactory GMAT score
6.Two letters of recommendation (use of PPI recommended)
7.One essay or video essay
8.Three passport-size photos
9.Copy of passport
10.Bank letter certifying financial solvency
11. 200€/CHF non-refundable application fee.

*for full Admissions instructions visit


Application fee: 200€/ 200CHF
Tuition fees: 6300€/ 11950CHF per term



The EU Alumni Association is a tool for European University graduates to discover new opportunities, explore career paths and cultivate connections.

This international network brings together like-minded professionals who share similar business values and visions that stem from the same root: an exceptional global business education.

European University's 25,000+ alumni already span the globe, holding top positions in multinational corporations, growing SMEs and innovative start-ups. This new facet of the EU Alumni Association brings them together by facilitating communications, promoting information exchanges and encouraging international business relations.

As members of the association, alumni are able to exchange advice, career opportunities and enjoy a long list of benefits:

For direct contact please write to



Munich Campus
Address: Theresienhoehe 28 , 80339 Munich, Germany
Telephone: +49 89 5502 9595
Fax: +49 89 5502 9504

Barcelona Campus
Address: Ganduxer 70, Barcelona, Spain
Telephone: +34 93 201 8171
Dean: Dr. Dirk Craen
MBA Admission department:
Ms. Sandra Moro
MBA Coordinator:
Ms. Jill Jones

Geneva and Montreux Campuses
Address: Quai du Seujet 18, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 779 26 71
Fax: +41 22 779 26 73


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