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France, Singapore, UAE
European EMBA

Our 148 renowned Faculty members from 40 countries inspire more than 1,300 degree participants annually in our MBA, Executive MBA, specialised master's degrees (Master in Finance, Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change) and PhD programmes. In addition, more than 9,500 executives participate in INSEAD's Executive Education programmes each year.

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)


No other school offers a modular Executive MBA programme across three fully integrated campuses: Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). With three routes, depending on the starting campus, GEMBA offers experienced executives an intensive 14–17-month fast track to the top – via one of the world’s most prestigious and multicultural academic institutions.

Each class has an unparalleled diversity of nationalities, enabling participants to learn from each other and build a close-knit yet globally distributed network. Another unique feature is the Leadership Development Programme, a comprehensive ‘programme-within-a-programme” that follows and shapes your personal and professional development – and runs throughout your time as a participant.


The Leadership Development Programme is founded on the belief that leadership is much more than management. Today’s leaders must strike a balance between reflection and action to help their organisations adapt to the unknown. They must be flexible, aware of context and able to adjust their leadership style to the situation. Just as importantly, they must know themselves and understand their impact on others.


Other EMBA programmes may offer leadership courses, but INSEAD includes a programme-long schedule of group coaching, 360-degree assessments and team activities, designed to develop a leadership style that is authentic to you – and thus accelerate your career progress even further.

Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA)


The dual-degree Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) provides an additional option for experienced executives – in partnership with one of the world’s great universities in Beijing, Tsinghua University. This unique programme develops an in-depth understanding of business in China, from both international and domestic perspectives, which can also be applied to other emerging markets across the world. For further information on the TIEMBA programme, please go to tsinghua.insead.edu.sg 


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Programme Info


Type of Course: Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

Accreditation: EQUIS, AACSB


#1 Financial Times EMBA (TIEMBA) 2015

#7 Financial Times EMBA (GEMBA) 2015

Starting dates


Asia section: August

Europe section GEMBA: November

Middle East section: October


Length of Course: 14 to 17 months, modular programme

Application Deadlines


Asia Section:

Round 1 – 19 January 2017

Round 2 – 9 March 2017

Round 3 – 27 April 2017

Round 4 – 15 June 2017

Europe Section:

Round 1 – 02 March 2017

Round 2 – 04 May 2017

Round 3 – 06 July 2017

Round 4 – 07 September 2017

Middle East Section:

Round 1 – 02 February 2017

Round 2 – 13 April 2017

Round 3- 08 June 2017

Round 4 – 10 August 2017

Student Body


Number of nationalities: 53

Percentage of international students

Western Europe: 37%

Asia Pacific: 31%

Middle East/Africa: 13%

Central/Eastern Europe: 8%

North/South America: 11%

Men/Women Ratio: 77:23

Average Age: 38

Length of Work Experience:

Average 13 years



Tuition fees

Asia Section: S$172,000

Europe Section: €104,000

Middle East Section: US$115,000




The INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) brings together an active network of 47 individual national associations. Our graduates form a diverse alumni network of over 50,000 members worldwide, around 24,364 of which are MBA alumni. Our alumni live and work in over 170 countries around the world.

The advice and encouragement that flows between INSEAD alumni is a very important tool in building business throughout the world. As our alumni have a strong bond with the INSEAD community they often return for their alumni  on campus.

Visit: http://alumni.insead.edu/index.cfm

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