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SDA Bocconi is part of Università Bocconi, the first Italian University to grant a degree in economics: established in 1902, Bocconi has since played a leading role in Italy’s social and economic modernization.

SDA Bocconi has been engaged in the promotion and organization of executive education since 1971, with an International approach: a pioneer in business education in Italy, the School is now a European leader in higher education.

The School’s vision of empowering life through knowledge and imagination lies behind its program offerings: Executive Education Open and Custom Programs, MBA and Master Programs, for the development of individuals, companies, institutions and economic systems.

SDA Bocconi is positioned in the heart of Milano, a major capital of industry, finance, arts, media and, above all, fashion. Milano is a real-life laboratory for SDA Bocconi. The city is home to a myriad of companies and stock markets to which students are directly exposed.

Full-Time MBA Profile

The 1-year Full-Time MBA is the School’s flagship program with just about 100 MBA students.
The Program starts with Opening Week: a one-week MBA boot camp, during which you are asked to understand and live the essence of your forthcoming year.

Full-Time MBA structure is organized around three cornerstones: Planning and Innovation, Leading people and Processes, Controlling and Investment, the competence requirements of a global manager.

Students spend the first eight months of the program taking foundation courses and developing management skills followed by a two-month real-world, hands-on experience (individual internship or group consulting project), plus final Concentrations. In addition to 4 functional-based Concentrations, such as Finance, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, the Program offers participants the possibility to further personalize their development by choosing the sector-based Track in Luxury Business Management (LBM) in partnership with LVMH, the renowned leader in the worldwide luxury business.

The very last part of the MBA will take place in the Arrivederci Week: Arts and Business, Telco and New media, Government-related finance, Pharma and Health, and first-hand “Made in Italy” business models.

As a major international school of management, SDA Bocconi is engaged in an active and prestigious network of exchanges, collaborations and interactions with peer institutions. The International Exchange Program offers selected candidates the opportunity to spend 3 to 4 months of the program at another top business school.

MBA students have full access to Career Service, which organizes one-to-one career advising and coaching, workshops, corporate presentations, company days, CV book and job postings. Career management and recruiting activities allow participants to get in touch with a wide range of national and international companies.

Global Executive MBA Profile
The SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA is a 20 month program that alternates between face-to-face modules and distance learning platforms and allows participants to balance career development and top executive education.  Participants take a total of 10 modules every other month (covering 61 F2F full-time equivalent days), 8 delivered for one week, plus two 9-day modules. The programme takes place at the SDA Bocconi campus in downtown Milano, but four modules are conducted at international Partners such as UCLA Anderson School of Management (Los Angeles - USA), Fudan University (Shanghai - China), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) and FIA-Fundação Instituto de Administração in São Paulo. After a core curriculum phase participants have the opportunity to take advanced topics focused on business process, areas and industries. Electives can then take place at SDA Bocconi or at another top international business school that is part of the Global EMBA exchange network.

Designed for globally minded executives, the SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA is unique in that it combines a truly global perspective with an intense experience rooted in a dynamic European context. The program gathers people with deep professional backgrounds allowing for a fertile context for benchmarking and a good opportunity to learn from the experience of classmates. What is learned and shared in the classroom can be immediately used and applied to each student’s own companies, the idea is to have a continuous and effective exchange of experiences between work and class.

Programme Info

Type of Course:
- Full-Time MBA
- Global Executive MBA
Accreditation: EQUIS, AMBA, ASFOR
Ranking: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Which MBA 
Starting Dates: 
- Full-Time MBA: September 2016
- Global Executive MBA: March 2016
Length of Course: 
- Full-Time MBA: 12 months
- Global Executive MBA: 20 months
Specialisation by Function:
Corporate Governance
General Management
Health Care Management
Human Resource Management
Innovation / Knowledge Management
Leisure Management
Operations Management
Organisational Behavior
Project Management
Public Administration
Sports Management
Strategic Management

Specialisation by Industry:
Banking / Financial Services
Fashion, Luxury & Design
Food and Beverage
Media & Entertainment
Non - Profit Organisation
Public Sector
Real Estate
Retail / Consumer Goods

Student Body

(Full-Time MBA)
Number of nationalities: 32 Italy 27%
Europe 29% Asia 19% North America 12% 
Latin America 8% Africa and Middle East 3%
Oceania 2%
Men: Women: 3:1
Age Range: 25-34
Average Age: 29
Degree Background: 
Business & Economics 48% 
Engineering 29% Humanities 13%
Sciences/tech 7% Law 3%

Length of Work Experience: 
Full-Time MBA:
 Average 5 years - Min.2 years
Global Executive MBA: Average 10 years - Min. 5-6 years



  • University degre
  • Detailed CV 
  • GMAT
  • Interview
  • References (Full-Time MBA only)
Full-Time MBA Course Information

1-year Full-Time MBA:
A challenging life time experience to learn the art of management and grow personally and professionally. Academic expertise plus practical and applied knowledge. One-to-one interaction between students, faculty and dedicated Staff. A 360 degree learning experience, a rich and diverse community with students from over 30 countries and mixed academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. New career opportunities and a network of relations worldwide. Student club activities. Seminar series and events to expose MBA students to knowledge and experience of top international leaders and influential scholars. Strategic location for cultural and professional development
Start Dates:
Optional Pre-Course start date: September 2016
MBA Program start date: October 2016
End of Classes: November 2017
Commencement Day: December 2017
Programme Duration:
12 months
One intake per year of approximately 100 students

Global Executive MBA Course Information
20-months, 10 face-to-face modules + distance learning
A blend of face-to-face and distance learning to balance career development with executive education.
Global Mindset with Local Sensitivity; International Networking. Class Modules in Europe, North and South America, China. Academic and management expertise. Electives and Exchanges. Career Coaching. Student club activities.
Start Dates:
Online tutorials from February to December 2016
Classes begin March 2016
Course ends November 2017
Programme Duration:
20 months
One intake per year of approximately 25 students


Tuition fees: 
- Full-Time MBA: 48.000€ / Total Program Cost
- Global Executive MBA: 60,000€ 
Application fees:
- Full-Time MBA: 100€
- Global Executive MBA: 150€
Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance: between 1,500€ and 1,800€ per month 



The SDA Bocconi MBA is a never-ending experience.

Alumni are one of the greatest assets of business schools throughout the world.

The Bocconi Alumni Association brings together over 12,000 SDA Bocconi Master Alumni who have graduated from SDA Bocconi MBAs and Specialized Masters Programs. The Association aims to spread the value of a shared experience and culture, strengthening ties among Alumni, regardless of the program they attended.

The Association also aims to maintain a relationship between Alumni and SDA Bocconi, with the intention of increasing the School's prestige and influence in national and international economic, financial and corporate spheres.



Bocconi Alumni carry out a series of initiatives, in Italy and abroad, in order to achieve its objectives:

  • Encouraging the exchange of experiences and networking among Alumni
  • Gaining visibility and prestige for SDA Bocconi at a national and international level
  • Promoting international development and the growth of SDA Bocconi
  • Encouraging donations to the School from individual members and supporting fundraising activities that benefit SDA Bocconi initiatives.

Services for Alumni include an on-line directory, a calendar of events, newsletters, Chapter and Club news, and many other services that help foster networking among Alumni, and relations between Alumni and the School.


This year we have transformed, both personally and professionally. And without a doubt, SDA Bocconi has been instrumental in this process. The MBA has been a dream.
A dream for most of us before it even began, a dream that we lived through
during turbulent times. However it is a dream that we have fulfilled today and we
stand here awakened and empowered only to dream bigger.

Shahana Mustafa, Indian | MBA 2012
Business Management Program - Adidas Group - Germany


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