Access MBA Live

Access MBA Live interactive interview with The Solvay Ponts MBA:
How can I transform my career in a fast changing Business world?

Live Session

The Solvay Ponts MBA is participating in the April edition of the Access MBA Live interactive interview. During the one hour session, the Director of Marketing &  Admissions at the Ecole des Ponts Business School and an Alumnus will be interviewed by an Access MBA journalist. You can watch the answers to questions like "What is the value of my MBA?", "How can I transform my career?” “How can I manage businesses/companies through the complexities of the digital age?”, and many more.

Francois Blanchet
Francois Blanchet
Marketing Director
Olivier Pesret
Olivier Pesret
Alumnus of the Solvay Ponts MBA 2013-2014
Verna Ellaine Mugot
Verna Ellaine Mugot
Current Student at Solvay Ponts MBA 2014-15
School Information

Solvay Ponts MBA program deals with the Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship dimensions of modern business, which is more experiential, better connected to practice and crucially focused on developing individuals through personal and professional development coaching. We prepare participants to manage business in the digital age, which is characterized by speed, volatility and frequent change, and therefore requires high-level managers to be able to embrace transformation and lead companies through change.

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