Meet admissions representatives and alumni of top business schools to select the best for you.

On the day of the Access MBA event, you will:

  • Find out how an MBA degree gives you access to top management positions, salary increases, and international career opportunities
  • Meet admissions directors from top US and European business schools during 20-minute 1-2-1 and small group meetings 
  • Receive feedback on your eligibility for the most reputable MBA & EMBA programmes directly from their admissions representatives and alumni.
  • Gain insight into all programmes right for you during 25 min One-to-One meetings with admissions directors, alumni panel discussions and networking.
  • Build your MBA application strategy with expert advice on business school selection, admissions, test preparation, CV/LinkedIn profile assessment.
  • Receive free professional admissions and testing advice and special discounts from our partners

Network with Top Business Schools in Canada!

Save your spot for networking, one-to-one, panel discussions and consulting with top business schools and MBA experts.

Meet school representatives from:

Join the in-person & online MBA events for FREE, network & connect with top business school representatives!

In just a couple of hours, find out in-person or online the latest offerings and admission details of some of the world’s most reputable business school. Select the best MBA options for your career progression. Make personal contacts with admissions directors.

Your benefits at the Access MBA:

Date, Time & Place

Candidate stories

Stellio Lestevre

The format is quite compact, with many schools at the same time and place, and I had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers one-on-one right away.

Olivia Ilie

The organization of the event was impressive – all of my meetings started on time. The discussions made me want to be a student at two of the participating business schools!

Amir Iqbal

My meetings with the business schools were very helpful; definitely better and more efficient than a fair. I will apply to one of the schools that I met today.