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Study your master’s degree at CUNEF and specialise in the financial sector to achieve professional success.

Studying a postgraduate programme at CUNEF during an intense year of learning and academic knowledge applied to real work situations will help you understand real-life work dynamics and acquire the practical experience needed to successfully drive forwards your professional career and enhance your managerial performance.Any of the master’s degrees offered by CUNEF will give you the opportunity to form part of a talented, prestigious and productive professional network of lecturers, students, alumni and over 750 collaborating companies, which will unquestionably lead to tangible and intangible benefits in terms of your professional achievements.

Master’s Degree in  Financial Markets and  Institutions (Spanish/English)

The Master Degree in Financial Markets and Institutions provides students with solid training in Finance and Financial Markets. It is an official full-time master programme, highly demanding and adapted to today’s economic, financial, and business reality, which is characterised by globalisation, digitalisation and the emergence of new technologies in all financial and business areas.

The programme is recognised by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) to train qualified Investment Advisers, as well as by the European Federation of Financial Analysts (EFFAS) to provide the Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) Diploma.

The CEFA Diploma is an international benchmark in terms of behavioural standards and updated financial analysis, markets and products. It is accredited in 27 European countries, in the United Kingdom by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and in Greece, Portugal, Malta, Argentina and Brazil by homologous organisations.


Master’s Degree in Data  Science (Spanish)

The Master Degree in Data Science is aimed at university graduates who wish to specialise in one of the most highly sought-after professions in the 21st century. The programme, designed to respond to the challenges faced by corporations struggling to manage ever-growing volumes of data, offers a wide range of career options.

The Curriculum combines courses on technology, programming and data science with others like data analysis and management. It uses a very practical approach, providing students with constant opportunities to apply what they have learned to real-world data management challenges.


Master’s Degree in   Banking Law and   Financial Markets and  Institutions Law (Spanish)

The Master Degree in Banking Law and Financial Markets & Institutions is a one-year programme that provides participants with the knowledge, techniques and practical tools they need to enhance their skills and decision-making ability in the field of Law and the legal system applied to Finance.

Banking Law offers some of the most attractive and relevant career outcomes for Law graduates who wish to specialise in the legal-financial world: M&A, compliance, securities transactions, etc. This programme is highly regarded in the financial industry and leading national and international law firms.


Master´s Degree in International Business and Global Management (English)

The Master of International Business and Global Management at CUNEF Universidad empowers candidates to succeed in complex and dynamic global markets. Increasing economic interdependence and rapid technological advances keep transforming the context in which small and large firms operate.

The innovative Master of International Business and Global Management provides students with the tools, analytical frameworks and knowledge needed for analyzing the evolving international context of operation, understanding the impact on their firms, and designing strategies that create and capture value across borders. The program is designed for students interested in international careers who will work with and manage people from diverse backgrounds.

The admissions process for CUNEF MA degrees is now open for the 2022-23 academic year.


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Master’s Degree in  Financial Markets and   Institutions


Master’s Degree in International Business and Global Management


Master’s Degree in   Banking Law and   Financial Markets and Institutions Law


Master’s Degree in Data Science


Over 10,000 former CUNEF students work in the main Spanish and international companies that lead their particular sectors. Many of these students hold director-level positions and encourage innovation, progress and efficiency in a variety of spheres. A few examples:


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