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EADA Business School Barcelona

Growing your potential

EADA Business School Barcelona

EADA Residential Training Campus

EADA Business School Barcelona

MBA graduation ceremony

EADA Business School Barcelona

Outdoor training at the Residential Training Campus

EADA Business School Barcelona

EADA Barcelona City Centre Campus

EADA Business School Barcelona

MBA graduation ceremony

EADA Business School Barcelona

Outdoor training at the Residential Training Campus

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As the only top-ranked school located in the Barcelona city centre, EADA Business School offers an international environment that allows you to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. We believe in our practical, innovative methodology in which you play a key role in the learning experience. Our specially designed training campus develops your leadership skills to their full potential, ensuring that you can jump start your career and apply everything you have learned immediately.
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Located in Barcelona and established in 1957, EADA has been accredited by EQUIS and AMBA, and is a member of the AACSB. Over 120,000 participants from over 50 countries have confided their training to us, making our classrooms some of the most international in the world and creating a powerful alumni network that continues to work for you long after graduation.

EADA has developed its own practical, active and participatory approach with an emphasis on 'learning by doing'. This approach offers a unique study environment with classes of approximately 30 participants in which students will collaborate with classmates and faculty from all over the world, specially selected to contribute to a challenging and rewarding learning environment.

Our methodology focuses on a mix of hard and soft skills, and competencies are developed through the HBS Case Method, business projects, business simulations, analysis and discussion groups and team-working activities.

AT EADA, we are committed to:

  • Getting the best out of you. EADA is the only business school in Europe with its own specially designed outdoor activity facilities, located in the forest surrounding the Residential Training Campus. In the Campus, participants take part in a unique professional development programme involving group activities, role plays, business simulations and individual coaching.
  • Learning by doing. We provide an engaging, multicultural environment in which you will examine case studies and interact in small classes. You will learn from others as they learn from you. The faculty at EADA Business School has a well-established reputation of teaching excellence with a focus on practical management skills and personal development. Our learning model is designed to achieve your full personal development potential.
  • Personalised development. EADA Business School is committed to delivering a personalised experience in small groups, allowing for learning tailor-made for you.  our methodology is based on people and our mission is to develop the unique personal and professional competencies of each participant. You are fully engaged in your development process, completing self-reflection exercises, identifying competencies, establishing objectives and identifying relevant tools.
  • International growth. EADA develops individuals who are preared for today's global business world, with an integral mix of solid knowledge, critical thinking, managerial skills and competencies, coupled with a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable approach to the decision-making process. We accomplish this through small, multicultural classes that allow for the daily exchange of ideas and debate among classmates and personal guidance from professors that is so critical to our methodology.


The EADA Careers Department is your partner during your MBA, providing you with the necessary tools to reach your professional goals. You take an active role in your career development, defining your career path and preparing for the selection process to bring your professional goals closer. 

1 - Defining and aligning your goals

  • INTRODUCTORY PRE-COURSE that leads you through the process of building your professional story and effectively communicating it across platforms.
  • YOUR OWN PERSONAL CAREER ADVISOR with you every step of the way: from establishing your career goals to landing that dream job.
  • ALUMNI MENTORING PLATFORM to connect current participants and expert alumni in the EADA community.

2 - Preparing for the selection process

  • WORKSHOPS & INTERACTIVE WEBINARS to keep you informed about labour market trends in diverse fields, develop your personal brand and hone your skills to succeed in any selection process. 

3 - Connecting with top companies

  • RECRUITING EVENTS on and off campus to ensure that you meet the right people to make your professional goals a reality. 
  • EXCLUSIVE JOBSITE with more than 1,700 job offers published annually by companies recruiting top talent from EADA.
  • GRADUATE PROGRAMMES to grow your skills while learning about leading companies from the inside out. 
  • ONLINE RESOURCES like virtual job fairs and specialised MBA job banks to give you a leg up on the competition, plus access to country-specific information about the international job market.


Accenture, Adidas, Amazon, Bayer, bp, Bosch, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Eli Lilly and Co., Ericsson, EY, Google, H & M, HP, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Mango, Microsoft, Netflix, Nestlé, The Nielsen Company, Nissan, P & G, PepsiCo, PwC, SEAT, Shell, Siemens

Programme Info

Type of Course: Modular
Length of course: 21 months; 40 days out of the office
Location: 8 face-to-face weeks in 5 countries
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB 
Average age: 34 years old
Gender: Male 69% / Female 31%
Average years of professional experience: 10 years (min. 5) 
Tuition fee: € 45,000 includes academic materials and all accommodation expenses throughout the programme.

Our Global Executive MBA is triple crown accredited, offered together with HHL in Germany. It is specially designed to prepare an international group of leaders for the management challenges of the 21st century. Participants have average 10 years of experience leading teams, and are prepared to develop state-of-the-art management knowledge and communication skills with an international orientation. Special attention is given to participants' analytical as well as interpersonal skills in areas such as communication, team management, project management and negotiation.

Type of Course:
Length of course: 11 months (September - July)
Accreditations: AMBA, EQUIS
Average age:  29 years old
Gender: Male 61% / Female 39%
Average years of professional experience: 5 years (min. 3)
Tuition fee: € 36,000 includes International Business Trip to Asia (flight, accommodation, activities), academic fees.

Participants are consistently placed in real-life business situations, challenged to think like executives and make strategic decisions through case studies, business simulations, analysis and group discussions. The course also includes Spanish business classes. At EADA's Residential Training Centre, participants will develop the emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills and leadership capabilities it takes to be a good manager.

Throughout the MBA curriculum, there is a strong emphasis placed on the integral learning processes. The core courses are organised into three main groups: Management Fundamentals, Developing Functional Expertise and Integrating Business Knowledge, each building on the knowledge and skills acquired in the last. You then customise your learning by selecting a specific 'Path of Development' (strategic specialisation) that provides the opportunity to gain the in-depth knowledge required for a career in the chosen field:
• Global Innovation Management - Bangalore, India 
We define innovation as the ability to reap benefits from creativity and use them to a competitive advantage. Innovation is one of the best ways to accelerate change. 
 Customer Experience & Multichannel Management - Hong Kong
Distribution analyses the way in which a product or service arrives at its final destination. Technology has changed the digital ecosystem, how we buy and through which channels. 
 Energy & Structured Finance  - PwC Academy, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The relationship between the finance and the energy sectors is strategically important on a global level. We will concentrate on the interaction between the two and the resulting impact on the business world.  


Address: Aragó, 204
08011 Barcelona (Spain)
Telephone: + 34 934 520 844
Fax: + 34 933 237 317
Website: www.eada.edu
Email: mba@eada.edu

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