École des sciences de la gestion de l’Université du Québec à Montréal - ESG UQAM


École des sciences de la gestion de l’Université du Québec à Montréal - ESG UQAM

MBA pour cadres (EMBA) and MBA (3 differents)

École des sciences de la gestion de l’Université du Québec à Montréal - ESG UQAM
The School of Management of the Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG UQAM) has an annual enrolment of over 13,000 students. ESG UQAM is considered a major internationally-oriented French-language management school, known for the quality of its practical teaching, the scope of its research and the accessibility of its professors, and for keeping in constant contact with organisations and the business world. As a creative, urban institution with an encompassing worldview, it provides an exceptional quality of life to the students who enroll each year. ESG UQAM bases its activities and development on the values of excellence and quality, with a view to social responsibility and sustainable development.


ESG UQAM by the numbers:

  • 800 professors and lecturers
  • 125 employees
  • 16,000 students
  • 100,000 graduates
  • Nearly 70 undergraduate and graduate programs

9 departments:
- Accounting
- Economics
- Finance
- Management 
- Analytics, Operations and Information Technology
- Marketing
- Organization and Human Resources
- Strategy, Social and Environmental Responsibility
- Urban Studies and Tourism


3 Canada Research Chairs
12 Practice-Oriented Research Chairs
6 Research Centres
8 Research Clusters and 2 Observatories
1 Intelligence Network

Program Info:

PART TIME EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAM (EMBA) - (offered only in French in Montreal and in Laval)
ESG UQAM offers students international experience in partnership with the best business schools in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Based on the latest management theories, the Executive MBA is a complete program designed for experienced managers who want to benefit from innovative training incorporating real business case studies, and is offered in more than a dozen countries in French, English and Spanish. Each year, the program trains more than 200 managers and executives in Montreal, and 300 internationally. Since its inception in 1979, over 12,500 people from Montreal and all over the world have graduated from the program.
International experience is a vital asset in today’s world. Our ESG UQAM’s Executive MBA gives candidates an opportunity to gain that experience or to broaden their horizons if their background already includes an international component.


  • Courses are delivered on one weekend every month (Friday to Sunday) over a two-year period to help students maintain a work-life balance.
  • Students conduct real case studies and they can apply their new-found knowledge and skills by carrying out a work project in their own company or organization. They achieve results both for themselves and for their employer.
  • Students engage in productive, enriching discussions with experienced fellow students who, like them, are in positions of responsibility.
  • The program is offered in Montreal and in Laval, but also in partnership with local universities located in Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Poland, China, Vietnam, France, Romania, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Peru, which gives to our students many international opportunities. Courses are given by UQAM professors travelling abroad.
  • For Montreal and Laval campus EMBA graduates: possibility of a gateway to the ESG UQAM Master Program in Project Management.
  • The MBA program now offers a series of professional lunch-conferences to its students. (Clic here to see an example)

Other MBA programs:

  • MBA in Consulting management
  • NEW! MBA 
  • MBA in accounting


Student Body: AMBAC (Association étudiantes des MBA pour cadres)



For the General EMBA program in Montreal: twice per year (FALL and WINTER semesters)
Deadline for Fall: April 1st
Deadline for Winter: October 1st

For all the EMBA programs:
The candidates must have an undergraduate degree with an average of 3.2/4.3. If lower, years of professional experience can compensate up to 2.7 / 4.3.
We do accept 10% of candidates, without an undergraduate degree, on the experiences basis. They need a minimum of 7-year experience.
All candidates must have 4-year of professional management experience, and, at the time of submitting their application, they must be employed.
A selection interview is required for every candidate.
A test in quantitative methodology will also be asked, to determine if some additional courses are needed.


Cost for Canadian (in province) students:

8 500 CAD for tuition fees, because of the Government grant, and +/- 1500 CAD in pedagogical materials, for the entire program

Cost for Canadian (out of province) students:

18 720 CAD for tuition fees, and +/- 1500 CAD in pedagogical materials, for the entire program

Cost for International (visa) students:

In Montreal, as it is a part time program and because the students must be working to apply, there are no visa students within our Executive MBA program.

Nevertheless, since our program is offered in 12 countries, the tuition fees depend on the country where the program is offered.



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