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emlyon business school
emlyon business school is driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and humanism. Our vision and mission are nurtured by our global and digital world. The entrepreneur from emlyon business school is a maker and an early mover. emlyon business school is situated in 4 campuses in 3 continents (Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris), has an alumni network of over 31,000 graduates in 121 countries and is home to France’s premier start-up incubator.
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In today’s world, a “maker” is someone who takes their destiny into their own hands, who shapes and molds their own future. Yet this is not a purely individual approach. On the contrary, it is a collaborative process. In other words, the principle is no longer “Do It Yourself”, but rather “Do It Together”. This concept perfectly reflects our vision of what an entrepreneur is, i.e. a person who tries, experiments, fails, starts again and learns by doing.

The MBA programme at emlyon business school is triple accredited (AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB) and offers participants a unique opportunity to work in an international environment, develop hard and soft skills, gain a global overview of business and steer their profiles in a strategic way to obtain their career goals.

Full-time MBA
Dedicated to individuals wishing to fast-track their current career, develop their own business, change sectors or to evolve internationally

  • 12 months
  • 1 intake in September of every year
  • Programme taught in English
  • Based in Lyon, France
  • Minimum 3 years’ work experience
  • Bachelor, Master or PhD degree required
  • Possibility to specialise, 7-month team based consulting project, international learning trip, dedicated careers track

Executive MBA
For seasoned managers wanting to transform their hard and soft skills into tools that will help them take their career to the highest level

  • Part-time format, 20 months 
  • Fast-track format, 10 months 
  • Study in Paris or Lyon
  • Minimum 7 years’ work experience (with initial managerial experience)
  • Bachelor required
  • Programme fully taught in English or French

Full-time MBA: Our International MBA is an intensive one-year programme which is dedicated to individuals wishing to fast-track their current career, develop their own business, change sectors or to evolve internationally.

Some key elements of our programme are:
- Diversity– this year the class is made up of 49 participants from 22 nationalities
- 7-month team-based consultancy project which correspondences with the participant’s career goals
- Week long learning trip to discover the management style of another culture
- Focus on entrepreneurship or corporate entrepreneurship
- An opportunity to specialize in marketing, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship (amongst other topics);
- A mandatory career track where every Tuesday is dedicated to career events (workshops, mentoring programme, conferences, networking events etc.);
- French language classes as well as a cultural Art de la Table course which delves into the French gastronomy and provides you with an introduction into French culture;

Executive MBA: emlyon business school’s Executive MBA is an entrepreneurship-focused programme delivered to high potential managers and senior executives aiming for a leading position within their organization. Part time or accelerated format: 10 to 20 months

Key elements of the programme:

• Gain awareness and increase your sensitivity to a disrupted world 
• Master business basics and disruptive business competencies 
• Develop a creative mindset and the ability to make ideas happen 
• Reflect on yourself and project yourself in the future

In the second half of the programme you will be able to choose a specialisation called a Makers Bridge. Each Makers Bridge will have dedicated electives, an international learning trip as well as career service support. You can choose between
- Corporate Executive
- Entrepreneur
- SME Manager
- Corporate Entrepreneur



Student Body

International MBA 2018/2019

Number of participants: 49
Number of nationalities: 22
Male / Female Ratio: 70% male; 30% female
Average age: 30
Length of Work Experience: Average 6 years Minimum 3 years
Countries represented: China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, The Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam, UAE
Profile: senior managers, managing directors, project directors, liberal
profesionnals, entrepreneurs


Executive MBA

2015/2016 Executive MBA class Number of participants: 101 (71 in Lyon/ 30 in Paris)
Male / Female Ratio: 77% male; 23% female
Average Age: 39
Average Work Experience: Average 14 years
Minimum Work Experience: 7 years
Origin of cohort: France 78% / rest of the world: 22%
Number of nationalities: 8 Countries represented: Algeria · France · Italy ·
Cameroun · Lebanon · Mexico · Senegal · Indonesia · USA
Profile: senior managers, managing directors, project directors, liberal
professions, entrepreneurs
Tuition Fees: 45,000€ (Academic Year 2018/2019)
Executive MBA
Duration: 3 days a month during 20 months or fast-track 10 months
Campus: Paris or Lyon



Bachelor Degree;
Min 3 years work experience for the full-time MBA / 7 years for the Executive
Fluency in English;
For the full-time : GMAT Score + English Proficiency score;


Application fees: 120 €
Tuition fees: 38,500€ (Academic Year 2018/2019)
Executive MBA
Application fees: 150 €
Tuition fees: 45,000€ (Academic Year 2018/2019)

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