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ESERP Business School
With more than 35 years of history and 40,000 Alumni, we have Campus in the city centers of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Mallorca. We train future professionals every year with a wide educational offer that adapts to university-level profiles, we have Spanish and British university degrees, Masters and MBAs, in Spanish and English.
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ESERP Business School is considered one of the best international business schools in the country, with campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. It was founded 30 years ago and has a historical background dating back to 1881.

The school offers Masters and MBAs taught in Spanish and English, studying different areas of Management, Marketing, International Relations, Communication, Advertising, Finance, Human Resources, Tourism, Luxury Digital Marketing and Social Media. Within the national and international academic context, exchange students can move between the different offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. This helps its students – who come from more than 40 different countries.

Our faculty is made of up academics that are directly in contact with the world of business, a fact that allows them to discuss and debate current issues in the classroom. This way, ESERP guarantees that classroom instruction can be practically applied to modern business.

ESERP hosts an annual employment fair, which brings together more than 100 companies to enhance the career opportunities of students and alumni, across Spain and the rest of the world. It also helps multinational companies, from different sectors, find students who’ve graduated in their area. These consultants select students with secondary or higher education for work experience, while headhunters look to fill senior positions using students and alumni. Similarly, the careers department holds monthly meeting son the best new ways to job hunt, including an e-recruiting orientation. ESERP has a Department of Entrepreneurship, which offers personal advice on developing a project management office (PMO). This is all done with an aim to enhance the skills of ESERP students and implement them through entrepreneurship.

MBA Programmes 

  • IMBA – International MBA
  • International MBA in Digital Strategy
  • Business Administration
  • Specialisation in Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Specialisation in Communications and Public Relations
  • Specialisation in Marketing
  • Specialisation in Luxury Tourism Enterprises​
  • Specialisation in Sport Business
  • Specialisation in Tourism Management
  • Specialisation in International Relations and Foreign Trade
  • Specialisation in Human Resources and CSR
  • Specialisation in Human Resources and Staff Management
  • Specialisation in Finance​

Starting dates

  • October
MBA programmes at ESERP place special emphasis on the development of professional skills. These programmes are based on up-to-date theoretical knowledge, allowing the student to strategically apply learned techniques and the latest tools to practice. To achieve this, we rely on the support of a faculty made up of specialized professionals that bring the real problems of modern business to the classroom.

Among the many activities that a student carries over the 1 or 2 years of their chosen MBA, especially notable is the scientific, professional, and academic research that they must complete and apply to their Business Plan. As well, MBA students must work with various subjects in order to prepare their final thesis. If the student desires, the programme can be studied in Spanish as well as English. In this manner, ESERP makes it possible for its graduates to gain an accurate perspective that will serve as a base for students to plan their own market strategies.

You will learn how to negotiate for national and international business, as well as how to position your brand in the market. Additionally, you will be able to manage logistics, devise marketing strategies, or evaluate other businesses.


    • Registration form for the Master’s course at ESERP Business School, completed and signed by the interested party
    • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport, national identification document (D.N.I.) or ID card if from a European country. The photocopy must be verified at ESERP by submitting the original
    • Updated curriculum vitae in Spanish or English
    • Motivation letter in Spanish or English
    • Accreditation of the applicant’s level of language in which the Master is taught, by certificate or interview
  • Requirements
    • Official University Degree or 4 years of professional experience


  • IMBA Total Price: 14.100
    • Students from the EU (European Union) in possession of a NIE
    • Initial payment      €1,500
    • The remaining amount will be paid in 12 consecutive monthly payments of €1,050, from October to September                €12,600
    • Students from countries not belonging to the EU (European Union)
    • Initial payment      €2,500
    • The remaining amount will be paid in 12 consecutive monthly payments €966,67 , from October to September €11,600
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