GLOBIS University in Japan


GLOBIS University in Japan

Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate Societies

GLOBIS University in Japan
Interested students can take real MBA classes online before applying, through the Pre-MBA Program, with new courses offered every three months.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, GLOBIS University’s fresh look at business education has driven it to become Japan’s largest MBA in a short space of time. Combining a highly practical and interactive methodology with the uniqueness of time-tested Japanese management concepts, GLOBIS equips students to take on tomorrow’s challenges in a global context, and become visionary leaders who create and innovate societies.


As Japan’s largest business school, GLOBIS offers a door to an expansive network of business professionals and executives throughout Japan and around the world. Our graduates apply their skills in all arenas, from start-up ventures to the largest blue-chip global companies.



Beyond developing practical business skills, GLOBIS MBA students are pushed to find their place in society and think practically about the enduring and unique value that they can add.


Entrepreneurship is more than a buzzword at GLOBIS. As a former start-up that grew into one of Japan’s top-ranked business schools, GLOBIS aims to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs by offering a space for students to share innovative ideas and experiences, and learn essential start-up skills through courses taught by successful entrepreneurs.


This is also part of GLOBIS’s practical focus. All courses at GLOBIS are taught by top business professionals, allowing students to tap into real-world insights in small, discussion-based classes.


Beyond this, GLOBIS MBA students must think deeply about their ultimate goal in life, and how they can leverage their newfound skills and network to achieve this mission. This kokorozashi, or sense of mission, is a unique cornerstone of the GLOBIS MBA that sets it apart from other business schools.


Interested students can take real MBA classes online before applying, through the Pre-MBA Program, with new courses offered every three months.

Programme Info

Type of Course: 
• MBA Program (Full-time), classes held during the daytime, on-campus
• MBA Program (Part-time), classes on weeknights & weekends, on-campus and online
Accreditation:  Accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education
Ranking:  Ranked second in Eastern Japan in the latest business school survey conducted jointly by Nikkei and Nikkei HR.
Starting Dates:
• MBA Program (Full-time): September (2017)
• MBA Program (Part-time): October (2017)
Length of Course:
• MBA Program (Full-time): 12 months (extendable up to 24 months)
• MBA Program (Part-time): 24 months (extendable up to 60 months)
Application Deadlines:
• MBA Program (Full-time): 9th of November, 24th of January and 14th of March
• MBA Program (Part-time): 27th of September, 20th of February and 19th of June


Student Body

[MBA (Full-time)]
Ratio of applicants to places: not disclosed
Number of nationalities: 15
• Africa 4%
• Europe 23%
• North America 8%
• East Asia 4%
• South East Asia 49%
• South Asia 4%
• Japan 8%
Men: Women Ratio: 46/54%
Age Range: 25 - 40
Average Age: 29.7

[MBA (Part-time)]
Ratio of applicants to places: not disclosed
Number of nationalities: 23
• Africa 5%
• East Asia 8%
• South East Asia 6%
• South Asia 2%
• Europe 8%
• Oceania 3%
• North America 6%
• South America 1%  
• Japan 61%
Men: Women Ratio: 65/35%
Age Range: 27 - 57
Average Age: 36.4


Minimum Age
22 years of age or older
Minimum years of work experience:
Two years of full-time work experience by the time the applicant enters the program.
University degree:
Bachelor’s degree
Optional if the applicant has at least two years of full-time work experience and a bachelor’s degree.  
English Test: 
Required for non-native English speakers and those who did not complete a degree entirely taught in English.
We accept TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, and IELTS
Letter of Recommendation:
One letter of recommendation (work-related) is required.
Required. Applicants may be exempt from the interview depending on the result of the initial screening phase.
A total of five essays will need to be submitted.



Application fees: JPY 11,000 (outside Japan)

Tuition fees: JPY 3,771,000 + Enrollment fees: JPY 210,000 = Total fees: JPY 3,981,000 (USD 16,190)

Scholarships: Up to 100% of the total tuition


Application fees: JPY 11,000 (outside Japan)

Tuition fees: JPY 2,961,000 + Enrollment fees: JPY 23,000 = Total fees: JPY 2,984,000 (USD 27,127)

Scholarships: Up to 50% of the total tuition (for non-Japanese students)


Address:  Sumitomo Fudosan Kojimachi Bldg., 5-1 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0084, Japan
Telephone:  +81-3-5275-3850
Fax:  +81-3-5275-3787




















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