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Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate Societies

At GLOBIS University, thousands of professionals like you have gained the knowledge, know-how and network to thrive in today’s competitive world. Whatever your career ambitions, the right education is the key to achieving them. GLOBIS courses focus on practical, relevant business skills delivered by top industry professionals. You will find a technology-driven curriculum designed to equip you with the expertise necessary in the digital era.

Students forge a valuable personal network, meeting friends and mentors who provide lifelong fellowship and guidance. The interactive nature of GLOBIS classes encourages teamwork and bonding.

Finding your Personal Mission, or kokorozashi, is a requirement for all GLOBIS students, who are given ample opportunities to consider their goals and pursue their passions.

A GLOBIS MBA is more than a degree—and a career is more than a job.

Programme Info

Type of Course: 
• MBA Program (Full-time), classes held during the daytime, on-campus
• MBA Program (Part-time), classes on weeknights & weekends, on-campus and online
• MBA Program (Online), classes on weeknights & weekends via fully live online classes
Accreditation:  Accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education
Starting Dates:
• MBA Program (Full-time): September
• MBA Program (Part-time, Online): October
Length of Course:
• MBA Program (Full-time): 12 months (extendable up to 24 months)
• MBA Program (Part-time, Online): 24 months (extendable up to 60 months)
Application Deadlines:
• MBA Program (Full-time): We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019 Full-time MBA intake. We will begin accepting appliations for the 2020 intake this summer.
• MBA Program (Part-time, Online): The final deadline for the 2019 intake is June 26.


Student Body

[MBA (Full-time)]
Maximum class size: 35
• Africa 4%
• Europe 10%
• North America 9%
• South America 1%
• Asia (excluding Japan) 72%
• Japan 5%
Men: Women Ratio: 54/46%
Age Range: 25 - 40
Average Age: 30

[MBA (Part-time)]
Maximum class size: 35
• Africa 5%
• Asia (excluding Japan) 16%
• Europe 8%
• Oceania 3%
• North America 5%
• South America 1%  
• Japan 61%
Men: Women Ratio: 68/32%
Age Range: 27 - 57
Average Age: 37

[MBA (Online)
Maximum class size: 35
• Africa 5%
• Asia (excluding Japan) 28%
• Europe 10%
• Oceania 1%
• North America 4%
• South America 1%  
• Japan 51%
Men: Women Ratio: 56/44%
Age Range: 27 - 57
Average Age: 37


Minimum Age
22 years of age or older
Minimum years of work experience:
Two years of full-time work experience by the time the applicant enters the program*
University degree:
Bachelor’s degree*
*Preliminary screening is required if you do not meet the above work experience and university degree requirements.
English Test: 
Required for non-native English speakers and those who did not complete a degree entirely taught in English
We accept TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, and IELTS
Letter of Recommendation:
One letter of recommendation (work-related) is required
A total of five essays will need to be submitted



Application fees: JPY 11,000 (outside Japan)

Tuition fees: JPY 3,771,000 + Enrollment fees: JPY 210,000 = Total fees: JPY 3,981,000 (USD 16,190)

Scholarships: Up to 100% of the total tuition


Application fees: JPY 11,000 (outside Japan)

Tuition fees: JPY 2,961,000 + Enrollment fees: JPY 23,000 = Total fees: JPY 2,984,000 (USD 27,127)

Scholarships: Up to 50% of the total tuition (for non-Japanese students)

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