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Porto Business School is an institution with unique features, resulting from the way the school emerged, stemming from collaboration with large Portuguese companies. We are the result of over 30 years’ experience in providing training for executives as ISEE – Instituto Superior de Estudos Empresariais (College of Business Studies) (1988-2000), EGP – Escola de Gestão do Porto (Porto Management School) (2000-2008), and EGP-UPBS. Our aim is to empower people to think critically and to come up with their own solutions, to identify future challenges, to create different scenarios and to rethink strategies. That is, to make change happen. It has been this way from the outset, in 1988.

At Porto Business School (PBS), we continue to advance our mission to improve the quality of management in society by helping individuals and organisations to develop skills and competences for the future and to “make change happen”. 

Accredited by AMBA, EFMD  - European Foundation for Management Development) and AACSB, Porto Business School is considered one of the Best European Business Schools in Europe by the Financial Times. 

Our biggest asset continues to be our Alumni community. Porto Business School is recognized for having one of the largest and most influential Alumni networks in Portugal. A network that empowers synergies between individuals and businesses and where professional and personal contacts that last long make a difference. Thanks to a large number of Alumni initiatives, the Porto Business School Alumni Network continues to grow, and it is now more diverse and globally connected.

At Porto Business School, despite the challenges imposed by the current COVID19 pandemic, our core programmes continue to grow and we have exciting, new projects ahead.

The year of 2020 enhanced the challenging opportunity to look into the future, assess the emerging trends, and strategize. A challenge that we, at Porto Business School, welcome and are ready to embrace wholeheartedly!

An international, full-time and one-year flexible programme which promotes career development in Porto, one of Europe's fast Tech Growing Hub. 

The International MBA is a tailored journey since day one, perfectly paced to provide you with the best amount of hard and soft skills, enlightenment and experiences which will enable you to expand the borders of your career, worldwide.

A one-year, intensive, international MBA programme, jointly accredited by AMBA – Association of MBAs and EFMD – European Foundation for Management Development in one of the best European Business Schools – Porto Business School. 

Programme webpage: https://www.pbs.up.pt/pt/programas/mbas/the-international-mba/  

  • A degree (or equivalent) from an accredited university.
  • A minimum of three years of working experience in any field.
  • The ambition to accelerate your career in management by learning to excel in team management, leadership with a broader and strategic view of business.
  • A global perspective of management regarding innovation and creativity as success factors for companies in an international environment.

Application Deadlines

1st phase
Applications until the 12th of April 
20 000€

2nd phase
Applications until 2th of June 

3rd phase
Applications until 12th of September 
25 000€


The International MBA offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships* up to 40% of the programme’s fee, based on academic and professional background and candidate's performance in interviews. 



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