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Roterdam, Netherlands


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International Full time MBA
The International Full-time MBA at RSM builds the critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills you need to launch and sustain a world-class career in business. In any sector, in any management role, anywhere in the world. When you study at RSM, you choose a truly international learning environment with Triple Crown accreditation, and a 12-month search visa to fully explore opportunities in the Netherlands.
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Full time - 1 year
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Executive MBA
The Rotterdam School of Management Executive MBA is the #1 Executive MBA programme in the Netherlands, offering a transformative journey in personal and professional development. You will gain the insights, attitudes, skills, and frameworks needed to take that next step and become a successful business leader. Whether your goal is to advance into senior leadership, general management, or to explore new opportunities in different locations, industries, or ventures, the RSM EMBA will equip you to make strong and sustainable decisions, create lasting value, think bigger, and drive your career to unprecedented heights. Our EMBA programme is conducted in English and designed to…
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Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Global Executive MBA
The RSM Global Executive MBA is a transformative and intensive 21-month journey in leadership development, tailored exclusively to your needs and objectives. You are empowered with the knowledge, the insights into your personal style of leadership, the skills and the strategic vision to lead your organisation with clarity, confidence and integrity. Delivered in Rotterdam, one of the world’s key economic hubs, the RSM Global Executive MBA connects you to a global network of peers, thought leaders and change agents. You experience all the dynamics of international leadership and business, where it happens, as it happens.
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Rotterdam, Netherlands
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I like the Dutch culture and freedom, and the Netherlands has great visa arrangements. So, I first chose the county I want to live in, and then I have a year after graduation to find a job if I don’t land one sooner. And if you choose the Netherlands, then of course RSM is first choice!
Stella Ren Full-time MBA Class of 2024
I reached a ceiling in my career after eight years of working in finance. I got bored with finance, and wanted to change industry, and move to the field of operations and supply chains. I spoke to several RSM alumni in South Africa, and was sold. Rotterdam is also the place to be if you want to work in supply chain and logistics.
Ian Weavind Full-time MBA Class of 2024
I didn’t expect the core courses to be so demanding in time and content. This is a positive experience because I wanted high-quality business education to know what’s needed to run a business effectively. It’s been super useful: from operations management to strategy, and from innovation to marketing. It can be a challenge working with so many different backgrounds and cultures, but it’s a really valuable learning experience because it’s how the real world works.
Joe Oldham Full-time MBA Class of 2023
I come from a communications background, and now have a better understanding of what drives business decisions. I’m challenged by the course content and constantly have to readjust my viewpoints in the international business world. The core courses – traditional courses like finance, marketing and strategy– combined with sustainability have shaped how I’ll walk out into the world and influence others while we strive for positive change in the world of business.
Lauren Smotkin Full-time MBA Class of 2023
I had a specialised engineering role and was more interested in the broader aspect of the organisation, for example finance and strategy. I wanted more knowledge to grow in the organisation. RSM has a good reputation, and its mission to be a force for positive change resonated with me. I’m interested in sustainability and wanted to learn how businesses can create a better impact while remaining profitable. So it was a good match for me.
Irena Doets Full-time MBA Class of 2023
Working in finance in Spain, I decided it was time for a change. I started looking for universities with an MBA programme in Europe and could see that RSM’s rankings were good. Additionally, it was plain to see that Rotterdam is a dynamic hub for entrepreneurship. But what stood out from other universities the most was the culture of RSM, how the school strives to be a force for positive change.
Alejandro Palma Full-time MBA Class of 2022
I chose to study at RSM because it aligns with my purpose of being a force of positive change. Through its diverse cohort of more than 48 countries as well as its skilled and recognised professors, I wanted to develop a deeper understanding of the world and sustainable business. With this new knowledge, I can make a greater impact influencing my close circle and supporting the world in its sustainability transition.
Natalia Almendariz Perea Full-time MBA Class of 2022

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