SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development

SEED - Business School for the CEE region

SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


SEED School for Executive Education and Development


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A few years after the idea was born, all of the essentials needed to build the foundation for a high-performing educational institution once dreamed about have now been clustered together. Firstly, two regional flagship companies, MOL and OTP Bank came together to provide funding for SEED, thus paving the way for establishing credibility for our incoming professors and students. Secondly, dedicated team, comprised of people with executive and non-academic experience, are together to support future leaders of the region. Therefore, by now SEED, headquartered in Budapest, provides open training programs from individual to senior leadership level as well as MBA programs.

Our mission
SEED was founded to meet and serve the urgent needs of Central & Eastern European companies in terms of competitive, high-quality and complex business education. SEED is committed to creating a high performing educational institution. SEED aims to have its MBA ranked amongst the top thirty MBA programs of Europe within the next 10 years.

  • Ivy League Business School professors and top CEOs from the CEE region train the pool of future regional leaders.
  • Participants develop their managerial and leadership skills in programs designed in close cooperation with the strongest and fastest growing companies in the CEE region.
  • Students do not just listen to classroom lectures, but rather focus on learning by doing.
  • Participants can develop and network together with the future leaders of Belgrade, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Zagreb and other regional capitals.

What makes our school unique?

Founding partners:Our school was founded by two regional flagship companies, MOL and OTP Bank. This gives a very practical, real-life and experience-driven touch to everything we do.
Proven faculty:SEED faculty is composed of top-notch visiting professors coming from leading international Business Schools and world-class regional institutions, joined by distinguished executives and (ex-)CEOs of the region.
Talented students: We attract open-minded managers and leaders who are eager to learn, have a strong desire to strengthen their leadership capabilities and have the potential advance C-suite level positions.

Our programs in brief

Business Leadership Program
The SEED Business Leadership Program prepares leaders who possess intuitive leadership skills and a commitment to continuous development for advancing to a C-level position. The 6-month curriculum is organized around the Leadership Triad, a trademark of SEED.
The Leadership Triad is composed of the following leadership essentials:
Raise your profile
Great leaders know and stand for their values, they are role models. They also know how to ignite
their own and their team members’ passions. They are able to inspire their people and they
never stop learning, they are always developing themselves. Great leaders know who they are, they know where they are on their leadership journey and what the road ahead is for them; they have an aspiration.
Serve your people
Great leaders know that they cannot achieve their aspiration all alone, they need their people to support their vision. Of utmost importance is how one treats his or her people.
On a high level, great leaders build effective teams, develop their people and collaborate.
Drive your business
Great leaders are known for their deep understanding of the drivers of their business. This includes
sharpened industry and customer insights, a unique value proposition for its customers, differentiation, and a flawless execution of its distinctive strategy.

Part-time MBA Program

The objective is
to develop an interactive, dynamic, experience-based and real-life learning experience so that participants acquire a strong grounding in all the key pillars of business..
The part-time MBA program aims to
better equip experts, functional and technical managers with well-rounded management skills and competencies to enable them to transition into higher management positions.
On completion of the program
participants are more confident general managers who better understand the links between business, areas and functions. They are given the tools needed to make better-informed decisions and would be able to take a more holistic and strategic view of business opportunities and issues.

Programme Info

Type of Course: 
• 6-month Business Leadership Program
• 18-month Part-time MBA Program
MBA accreditation is in progress as currently we have our first intake running.
• MBA ranking is in progress as currently we have our first intake running.
Starting Dates:
• Business Leadership Program: Rolling, 5 programs are launched every year
• Part-time MBA: September 2018
Length of Course:
• Business Leadership Program: 6 months, 2x3 classroom days and 2x3 months follow-up period
• Part-time MBA: 18 months
Application Deadlines: 
Business Leadership Program: Rolling
Part-time MBA: 15 May, 2018

Student body

Business Leadership Program:
Number of nationalities: 18
Percentage of international students:30%
Men/Women Ratio: 70:30
Age Range: 28 - 55
Average Age: 38
Length of Work Experience:
Average 12 years
Minimum 5 years
Part-time MBA:
Ratio of applicants to places: 2:1
Number of nationalities: 4
Percentage of international students:16%
Men/Women Ratio: 90:10
Age Range: 28 - 45
Average Age: 33
Length of Work Experience:
Average 8 years
Minimum 4 years


Business Leadership Program: Talented managers with prospects of becoming C-level managers within the next five years. Open-mindedness, eagerness to learn and develop, and proficiency in English are expected.
Part-time MBA:
GMAT:Min 700,
Fulency in English: Measured through GMAT, no specific test is required,
Team, group or department management experience,
Regional or international experience/background.


Business Leadership Program:  EUR 6000, the price includes all training days, all teaching materials, individual mentoring and coaching sessions throughout the follow-up periods, lifelong membership in SEED alumni as well as accommodation and meals in a 4-star hotel during all training days.
Part-time MBA: EUR 30 000, the price includes all teaching materials, lifelong access to the eLearning Platform, individual mentoring and coaching sessions, summer Leadership Camp, all elective and optional workshops, meals during classroom days.

With a growing network of more than 300 alumni, our Alumni community represents 18 countries and numerous industries, as SEED is aiming to bring leaders together from different countries with different background to foster development at the maximum level.
SEED offers a great variety of occasions for bonding since its existence. Graduates of all SEED programs meet at least twice a year on our Alumni event, where they can network in a cocktail setting after a presentation of an iconic, successful businessman with CEE background. Moreover, Alumni members can get to know each other and keep in touch via our social media sites and interviews published on our websites.
SEED believes in lifelong learning and supports professional development after graduation by further short training programs and thematic dinners customized for Alumni needs.
We are really proud of our dedicated Faculty members who actively take part in the Alumni community’s life by undertaking the role of mentor and organizing informal get-togethers even after the official program has ended.
More information:


Address:  20. Andrássy street 1061 Budapest
Telephone: +36 1 300 70 25
Dean: Anthony Radev 
Academic director: Orsolya Gazdag,

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