DTU Executive MBA – MMT


DTU Executive MBA – MMT

DTU Executive MBA - MMT

DTU Executive MBA – MMT

DTU Executive MBA

DTU Executive MBA – MMT

DTU Executive MBA

DTU Executive MBA – MMT

DTU Executive MBA

DTU Executive MBA – MMT

DTU Executive MBA

DTU Executive MBA – MMT
DTU is an elite, international technical university founded in 1829 with the purpose of "developing and utilizing science and technology for the benefit of society". DTU's programs, research-based advice, and innovation are based on a solid foundation of world-class research. Excellent research, academic and interdisciplinary, is at the core DTU's mission, and as such has placed DTU at the forefront of the technical and natural sciences and we continue to bring forth new initiatives across a wide range of demanding engineering disciplines, including sustainable energy technology and life sciences.

DTU Executive MBA

Unleash your full potential through our engaging action learning platform, with top international faculty and business practitioners gathered from across the business and technology spectrum. There is no getting around the fact that digital transformation, innovation and technology trends are central to the future of business but, in the end, without proper execution none of this matters. Let's make it happen.

Make it Happen

DTU Executive Business Education provides executive education that prepares you for an increasingly complex and fast changing world. Learn how to better navigate this world and to become a driver of agility and sustainable growth for your company.

Making it happen is what counts – consequently our teaching is action-learning based, applying cutting edge knowledge and tools to solve your real life business problems. This is facilitated by our vast network of leading international experts from business and top international academic researchers.


The “Center for Technology, Economics and Management” was founded in 1998, later became DTU Business, and now DTU Executive Business Education. In 1999 we launched the Master in Management of Technology, MMT, part-time executive MBA program with the first class graduating in 2001. Since 2001 we have graduated more than 300 business leaders through the MMT program, making it the largest continuously running Executive MBA program focusing on innovation and business development in Denmark. Read more about MMT here.

Since its founding DTU Executive Business Education has grown to become the leading Nordic provider of executive education in innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. We educate, train, and support companies and entrepreneurs in discovering, incubating, and accelerating new business projects.

DTU Executive Business Education has an extensive network of cooperation with other international business schools, companies and people on the cutting edge of entrepreneurship, innovation, business creation, and research.

How can we help you? Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Business Inside Technology

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. -Albert Einstein

Change is the essence of our existence, it is inevitable and ongoing. Today’s new technology is tomorrow’s commodity. And it requires different managerial skills and the right leadership mindset to deal with the risk and uncertainty associated with continually changing technology and business conditions. This is what we call Business Inside Technology.

By joining the DTU Executive Business Education Master in Management of Technology (MMT) program, you will learn how to manage and lead change and growth.

Equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate a world of change is our passion and our aim. We are confident that by the time you graduate from the MMT program you will have achieved a high level of proficiency, enabling you to better understand and lead your future business.

Program Benefits

You will become familiar with a wide range of analytical methods and tools that allow you to better help your company in planning and implementing innovation and development strategy.

  • From day one you will learn to use these methods and tools in your daily workflow, increasing your understanding and allowing you to be more efficient coping with day-to-day work challenges.
  • You will be a part of a network of inspiring classmates with whom you can discuss and share highly valuable and confidential business knowledge thanks to our confidentiality policy.
  • You will gain a thorough understanding of changing market conditions, learn to identify new business opportunities and to assess their uncertainties and risks.
  • You will acquire an understanding of the organizational changes necessary for your company to adapt to an ever-changing world.
  • You will learn to identify internal and external stakeholders, their desires, needs, and their influence on your business, as well as learn a framework for how to define and handle these specific relations.

Personal Leadership Skills

  • Through a 360° analysis, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself in your role as a manager and leader. Based on this analysis you will design a personal development plan for the purpose of strengthening your competencies and your self-confidence in strategic and resource allocating discussions. Additionally, you will learn how to communicate your decisions to upper management and colleagues.
  • By acquiring knowledge from motivation theory and team-building, you will learn how to bring people from widely different backgrounds together to collaborate on and achieve a common goal.

Benefits for your Company

  • Your company will immediately benefit from your participation in the Executive MBA program through your newly acquired approach to problem definition and problem solving. Our focus on methods and frameworks that are practical and applicable on real-world business problems.
  • An essential capability for a company in a fast-changing business environment is the program’s focus on value creation through designing, planning and execution of innovation processes.
  • Your company will benefit from a leader with a broadened understanding of the necessity of multi-disciplinary innovation, who is better able to understand and communicate the importance of operating across a company’s traditional departments and boundaries.
  • You will become a leader that has established a strong network with leaders from other Danish companies.
  • By allowing you to join DTU's Executive MBA your company gains an even more loyal employee as new opportunities, commensurate with your increased capabilities, within the organization are offered.

Company Assignments

Roughly half of the 1800 hours of study time at DTU’s Executive MBA program is spent on company-specific assignments and projects. As a result, the company receives approximately 900 hours of consultancy during the 21-months of study. In particular, the Consultancy Project in the 2nd semester, carried out by 4 participants, comprises about 600 hours of work on a specific business challenge; and the individual Master Project in the 4th and final semester is a company specific problem/challenge that accounts for 400 hours.

The Sponsor Dialogue

The sponsor dialogue is initiated at the start of the program and continues through the 21-month study period. The aim of this dialogue is to ensure that all parties are involved – i.e. you, your company, and a representative from DTU Business – and reap the highest possible benefits from the program by matching the assignments and projects to the needs and desires of the sponsor.

Admission Requirements

To join DTU’s Executive MBA program, you must at least have a bachelor's degree in engineering, medicine or pharmacology, or an equivalent degree in a technical- or natural science field or in business, social science, or the humanities.

Most importantly is that an applicant is deeply involved in their company's business processes and is able to evaluate how technology can be applied in the innovation process and the development of new business opportunities.

You must have at least 3 years of job experience as a leader or project manager or equivalent.

Apply Now

You are also welcome to arrange a personal meeting with us, please contact:

Stephane Guerraz
(+45) 8194 2121

Anne Malberg Horsager
(+45) 2190 6710

Peter Arbs
(+45) 2029 2510

Registration Information

Your acceptance to DTU’s Executive MBA is valid for 3 years. When we receive a signed admission letter, you are guaranteed a place in the program. Once payment for the first semester has been made, the contract is binding.

What's The Executive MBA Going to Cost Me?

The total cost for DTU’s Executive MBA is DKK 380,000 excl. VAT. This price the includes the following:

Tuition fee: DKK 315,000
Materials, food and beverage: DKK 25,000
2 International Study Tours: DKK 40,000

The tuition fee includes an iPad with keyboard for accessing the course materials. The 2 International Study Tours are an integral part of the program and take place in the first and third semesters.

One month prior to the start of each semester you will be sent an invoice of 95,000 excl. VAT. The cost of the program can be covered by you, your company, or you can arrange to split the cost between both parties. Substantial cost savings can be gained by applying the Gross Income Tax Credit (bruttolønsordning). For further information, please go to tax.dk or check out our video.

To learn more about the possibilities for financing DTU’s Executive MBA program, please contact:

Program Director Peter Arbs: parbs@business.dtu.dk or (+45) 2029 2510.

How Much Time Will I Use on the Executive MBA?

DTU’s Executive MBA is an intensive program and requires a total work effort of approximately 1,800 hours, i.e. around 20 hours per week including teaching sessions and preparation.

Classes are held every second Friday and Saturday. Each class is divided into two sessions of 3½ hours each lasting from 08:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 until 16:30, with a lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00.

The DTU Executive Business Education Alumni Association comprises over 650 members from both our Executive MBA program, as well as from our corporate executive programs. Our alumni represent a broad cross-section of Danish industry and are active, holding several business and social events to keep updated on current topics and network. DTU Executive Business Education Alumni also function as mentors, advisors, and career sparring partners for current eMBA students.

To learn more visit our website for further details.

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