The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT


The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova with MIT

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

The Lisbon MBA | Católica-Lisbon Campus

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

The Lisbon MBA | Nova SBE campus

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

The Lisbon MBA | MIT Sloan campus

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

MIT Immersion

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

Executive MBA | Classroom

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT

Graduation International MBA 2019

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in Collaboration with MIT
The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova is an internationally recognized joint-venture between two top European Business schools, Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics (Católica-Lisbon) and Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management. According to the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2020, The Lisbon MBA is, for the third consecutive year, the first in the world in International Course Experience and increased its position to become the 22nd best MBA in Europe, being the only one European MBA to have an Immersion program at MIT Sloan, ranked the 6th best MBA in the World. 
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The Lisbon MBA mission is to develop well-rounded leaders capable of having a meaningful impact on business and society anywhere in the world, by providing them with a unique career-changing experience in an entrepreneurial and international environment.

The Lisbon MBA Católica|Nova in collaboration with MIT Sloan, offers two Programs, The Lisbon MBA International Program and The Lisbon MBA Executive Program.

The Excellence of our Programs are based on a combination of factors, from the rigorous academic component of 3 top-ranked schools and a personalized holistic approach to education, with a methodology based on action-learning experiences, to the international component that allows students to develop a global vision by expanding their educational experience up to three continents.

Overall, the Lisbon MBA delivers a balanced strategic skillset for high performance and innovative leadership. In addition to an academic curriculum built on a solid core in General Management, both programs hone the participants' behavioral competencies through specialized workshops, individual coaching and one-to-one mentoring, enabling the students to go through a transformational journey to become well-rounded high-impact leaders.

The Lisbon MBA graduates become part of The Lisbon MBA Alumni community and MIT Sloan Fellows global alumni network, unparalleled assets to continue thriving their professional and personal life.

The Lisbon MBA International Program

The Lisbon MBA International program is a 12-month accelerated full-time program for high-potential professionals (full-time work experience: minimum 3 years, average 8 years) who aim to boost or change their career paths focusing exclusively on a transformational experience.

The program exposes students to the fundamental competencies and know-how of business administration through teamwork, research, case studies, practical exercises, and hands-on learning.

The small size classes (up to 45) encourages students to actively participate in lectures and discussions and also enables proximity with Faculty members who are available for feedback on coursework, debating and advising.

It consists of:

  • Classes at Nova SBE and Católica Lisbon, including mandatory, integrative and elective courses enable students to customize their MBA to perfectly match their professional objectives.
  • 1-month Immersion Program at MIT Sloan in Boston, where students are immersed in an educational experience built on MIT motto “mind and hand”, combining classes developed from cutting-edge research, with company visits and hands-on application;
  • 2-month Action Learning period, where students can choose from:
    • Summer Project (MBA-level internship in Portugal or abroad)
    • International Lab (real-life business consulting projects in partnership with MBA students from top international business schools)
    • Entrepreneurship Hub (to develop an entrepreneurial project)
  • Friday Forum: Throughout the program, with the support of professors and specialized coaches, this program aims to support students in their personal development, strengthening their interpersonal and leadership skills, fostering innovative and creative thinking, through a set of workshops and individual coaching sessions;

Throughout the program, The Lisbon MBA Career Management Center (CMC) supports students with individual and personalized career counseling and mentors to help them define their career goals and plans and implement strategies to achieve them.

Additionally, the CMC organizes on-going career workshops, corporate presentations, and networking events to ensure that students are exposed to different career paths and options for their next career step.

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The Lisbon MBA Executive Program

The Lisbon MBA Executive Program is a 21-month part-time program in business administration, with a focus on both Hard and Soft skills to develop high-impact leaders.

Aimed for successful professionals with a minimum of 5 years work experience, who want to boost or change their career paths, with a minimum of disruption of their professional and family life, the program consists of:

  • Classes in Lisbon at Nova SBE and Católica-Lisbon on Fridays and Saturdays all day, mostly every 3 weeks plus 3 intensive weeks;
  • 1-Week Immersion Program at MIT Sloan in Boston;
  • Optional international exchange programs in renowned business schools in Australia, the USA or Brazil;
  • Leadership Stream Program: Effective Leaders must think strategically about power and influence dynamics and hone their interpersonal competencies. Each individual must also reflect on which tactics and approaches are aligned with personal values and professional goals. So, the Leadership Stream Program is designed to help Executive MBA students develop self-understanding, influence and power strategies, and leadership skills to strategically address career organizational challenges. It is supported through readings, case discussions, role-plays, and other experiential exercises.

Throughout the first year, students are trained in the core competences of general Management, including the techniques and methodologies of the following areas:

  • Strategy: define and implement the competitive advantages of a business or product to achieve optimal positioning in the market.
  • Processes & Systems: plan, manage and measure the main business variables in order to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.
  • People: motivate, coach, and develop human resources as the main assets of a business.

In their second year, students take their training to the next level by concentrating on a particular subject – Marketing or Finance - or by choosing a variety of courses to follow a General Management degree. Students tailor the MBA to their own areas of interest through electives; working on a consulting project, or by developing a business plan with teammates.

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Admissions Deadlines

The Lisbon MBA International full-time

1st round od applications - 30 September
2nd round of applications - 10 November

Requirements MBA
Undergraduate studies in any area 
At least 3 years of professional experience 
One admission test: GMAT or GRE (General Test) 
English proficiency proof

The Lisbon MBA Executive program

1st round od applications - 30 June
2nd round of applications - 4 September

Requirements Executive MBA
Undergraduate studies in any area 
At least 5 years of professional experience full-time
One admission test:  GMATGRE (General Test), or Executive Assessment
English proficiency proof

Admission Process
The application is entirely done online, through our site, and includes 3 essays plus one video-essay. Applicants need to upload the university transcripts, CV, the admission test score and the English test, if applicable, in our online application form. 
Besides these documents, it is necessary to present two contacts (referees) that can answer our brief reference survey. 

The Lisbon MBA International Full-Time (1 year) - 39 500 Euros

(flights and shared accommodation in Cambridge, MA, included)


The Lisbon MBA Executive program (21 months) - 32 000 Euros

(Accomodation in individual room in Cambridge, MA, included) 



The Lisbon MBA Alumni Club is a community for the alumni of both The Lisbon MBA and its predecessor MBAprograms from Católica-Lisbon and Nova SBE. All graduates from The Lisbon MBA programs are automatically members of The Lisbon MBA Club. It is run by its own Board, which includes the Executive Director of the Lisbon MBA. 

Graduates of The Lisbon MBA programs are entitled to Affiliate Status in the MIT Sloan Alumni Association. Affiliates are individuals who have completed an MBA program offered in collaboration with MIT Sloan. By being featured in the MIT Sloan Alumni Directory, you have access to an ever-growing network of business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. 

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