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What is Tiffin EMBA? Challenge. Development. Results. In a few words, Tiffin Executive MBA is the program that provides you with all the tools you need to stand out in the world of business, both locally and internationally. Moreover, it is the process of transforming theory into skills through the case study method (including learning-by-doing). Through this method, you will get in touch with real business situations, with settlements in real-time, which will develop, among other things, your leading skills, teamwork and decision-making efficiency.

What is Tiffin EMBA?

Challenge. Development. Results.
In a few words Tiffin Executive MBA is the program that provides you with all the tools you need to stand out in the world of business, both locally and internationally.
Moreover, it is the process of transforming theory into skills through the case study method (including learning-by-doing). Through this method, you will get in touch with real business situations, with settlements in real time, which will develop, among other things, your leading skills, teamwork and decision-making efficiency.

With focus on tangible results, the Executive MBA program means more than just a valuable set of applied information, it means your transfer into a reality anchored business environment, which is an added value to the company you work for or run. It is a complete experience that will change your perspective on business.

Tiffin Executive MBA is an intensive program, taking place only in weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), composed of 7 modules to be completed in 19 months. Each module is 5 weeks long and consists of two courses. 3 weekends out of 5 with be held consecutively in the classroom.
By following a cohort model, the program will allow you to constructively interact with colleagues, to develop your teamwork skills and to apply them effectively in real-life situations.
Tiffin Executive EMBA is based on case studies such as those originally developed at Harvard Business School.

Program performance:

  • In the week prior to the commencement of the courses, the chapters to be studied and projects to be analyzed shall be named
  • You will participate in courses held exclusively by American teachers
  • During the drafting period of the final projects, you will remain in touch with the teachers through the Tiffin EMBA portal. This portal provides secure chat rooms, discussion forums and documents that can be used in conjunction

Why choose Tiffin EMBA?

  • For an experience that efficiently combines useful information with practice in a reality anchored business environment. -And all this with the exclusive guidance of professors from the United States.
  • Because you want to learn from present business situations, which allow you to study real cases, in real time.
  • Because you will benefit from a continuous performance assessment.
  • Because in the end you will receive the Executive MBA Degree issued by Tiffin University in USA and you will be recognized as a graduate of the American School of Business. 
  • Because Tiffin University is accredited by specialized accreditation institutions, so the degrees you receive are recognized for developed academic standards: ACBSP; HLC; authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents

Programme Info

Type of Course: 
Executive MBA - format modular - 14 courses

ACBSP; HLC; authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents

The Executive MBA program has occupied first place in the Best EMBA&MBA top in 2016, 2013 and 2011, according to Ziarul Financiar newspaper ranking, in Romania.
Tiffin Executive EMBA is internationally recognized for the exceptional training of its graduates, the program being considered as a training institution for businessmen with real managerial abilities and a high level of knowledge.

Starting Dates: October 2022/January 2023
Length of Course: 19 months (3 weekends/module)
Application Deadline: May 31, 2022

Student Body:

Men/Women Ratio: 60:40
Age Range: 27 - 55
Average Age: 33

Length of Work Experience:
Average: 10 years
Minimum: 5 years

Who can join?

You, because you aspire to become a business professional, you want to improve your business knowledge and you want to maximize your employment opportunities.
Tiffin Executive MBA is the program that can guarantee that you will be a better entrepreneur, manager and/or employee, with a set of information and tools tailored to the reality of the market.
You, because we know that you are in search of the best resources for a sustainable development as an individual from a professional but also personal point of view.



Admission into the Tiffin EMBA program is based on the assessment of each person individually, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Academic training (Bachelor’s Degree), as an indicator of the training level for postgraduate studies (average grade for the years of study must be at least 7 if the applicant has more than 5 years of professional experience or 7.5 if the applicant has less than 5 years of professional experience);
  • Professional and life experience of the applicant – as an indicator of the applicant’s potential to be an active participant in the Program (a minimum of 8 curricular areas of 12 should be covered by professional experience and/or education)
  • The applicant must state the reasons for which he/she wishes to join this program and how it fits into his/her life and career – as an indicator of the relevance and usefulness of this program for the applicant.
  • Linguistic competence of English, if English is not the native language, because Tiffin Executive MBA program is taught only in English by American professors.

Registration for admission into the program is done throughout the entire calendar year, based upon availability.

Costs and Scholarship

  • Application Fee: EUR 50
  • Tuition Fee: EUR 17 000
  • Graduation Fee: EUR 160
  • Textbooks: EUR 900

The tuition fee can be paid in full or in installments.

Depending on the chosen payment method, you will benefit from the following discounts:

EUR 1,050 – full payment

EUR 750 – payment in 2 installments

EUR 500 – payment in 3 installments



I think that everyone uses their studies in their own way, in the professional life. For me, there have been helpful in addressing certain business challenges more creatively or holistically. And having in mind that Telekom is a dynamic, always transforming and challenging company, I can say that I have found enough opportunities to apply what I have learned.

On a personal level, every professor at the EMBA marked me, in a very good way. Each teacher, in his own way, touched us professionally and personally, challenged us to be better, to look at things from different perspectives and to build from them. Each teacher impressed me with his dedication, dedication, patience, kindness and love for people. I owe them the time we spent and the beautiful things we did together. The MBA reaffirmed to me what I do every day: to take each course as a positive challenge, because this way, you have only one option, and that is to succeed.

Mihai Voicu, General Manager, Bergenbier SA

This is why I decided that I need a reset, that I need to start over, and that the best way I can do this is to pursue an EMBA in General Management.

After graduating such a program, you cannot consider yourself an expert in all the disciplines you’ve studied, nor being able to specialize yourself in all business areas, in two years of study. But you will definitely have a better understanding of the general, local or global context, you will improve your structure, discipline, Team Work, Communication and Presentation Skills, Decision Making. Last but not least, you will identify new perspectives in the areas of ​​Human Resources and Leadership.

When I chose my business school and started looking at the offers from the Romanian market, I set three must-have criteria, without excluding the options from the other European countries, that I could have reached in a maximum of 2-3 hours, traveling by plane. It was important for me to be a business school that already has a prestige and a very good image, to be locally accredited, in Europe, as well as in the U.S.

The procedure of recruiting/accepting the candidates was also very important. The stricter the acceptance criteria, the higher the quality and level of the colleagues you will interact with.

Another criteria was based on the study method and the curriculum. I excluded from the start the programs that are based on individual study and I chose only the options that follow a learning by doing in the class methodology. In addition to the business knowledge gained, I considered that the interaction with the colleagues and the professors, the teamwork and the exchange of experience on real business situations are also very important in such a program.

And, the third criteria that we must take into account, is the cost, the duration of the program and, very important for me, to be able to study mainly during weekends. Based on these criteria, two programs remained on my short list, one outside Romania and Tiffin University in Bucharest, the last one being the one that best suited my needs.

Florin Pravai, Agency Lead, Google Romania

The Executive MBA program is the safest way to quickly climb a few steps on the self-development and individual improvement scale. They say that excellence in any field is reached in over 10,000 hours of intense training or further studies (Outperformers, Malcolm Gladwell), and Tiffin Executive MBA certainly covers several thousands of these hours. In addition, a prestigious EMBA program comes with a structured way of learning, which has been constantly improved and guarantees a substantiated way of work and inspiration from teachers and students from previous cohorts.

I recommend Tiffin Executive MBA, a program fully supported by teachers from the U.S.A.; it combines an impressive experience in both the academic and the business area. Students are thus exposed to a different cultural experience, which requires more powerful interactions between them and their teachers.

In this system, teachers not only share business knowledge, but also life experiences and relationships are designed to carry on even after graduating the Executive MBA program.


Vladimir Spirescu, COO Porr Construct

About business in constructions, in times of crisis, and the help provided by an EMBA program

We woke up on a Thursday morning in another world. With deserted streets, with other rules, with people with fears and anxieties they we could not have imagined a few days before. Nothing was the same anywhere.

In constructions, usually no day is like the other. Nothing is repetitive. This time … I had no idea what was working and what not. Stock markets were falling everywhere, in Italy it was a continuous tragedy, the countries were closing one after the other, the international shipments were being canceled one by one, we could no longer rely on anything.

And then we went back to basics, to pure theory, lessons learned, books, and business cases we worked with during the MBA program. We went back to school, basically. I knew from Laura Mays that: “I should keep the airplane flying before everything” and from John Millar that: “The worst thing you can do is nothing”. We all know that “the elephants can be eat by slices”, but it’s important to know how to “slice” and that’s what I learned at Tiffin University.

I don’t know why in the first part of the crisis the”Death on Everest” business case kept coming to my mind. I resumed the notes and discussions from eight years ago, from class. I realized that we are coming out of the current crisis somehow, at some point, but we are certainly only coming out if we know how to communicate clearly and neat. And that’s what I did. I communicated with my colleagues, customers, suppliers, I put aside the entire formalism and I communicated clearly, directly and open.

Oh, I was forgetting one of the most important things! If, 8 years after graduation, in this kind of crisis, a former MBA colleague calls you and says, “Just as I would always rely on you to help me, know that you can always rely on any help you would need! ”, means that what happened there, during classes, on those long weekends, was real and had such an effect that will last for many years.



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