Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany


Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is a fully-accredited, remote-first institution that provides educational programs designed for individuals who want to contribute to a sustainable future and create a long-lasting impact. 

The Transition to a Sustainable Society Starts with You

The remote-first Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences* allows learners to build the 21st-century skills needed in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology through our revolutionary approach to education. We are building a community of empowered and connected individuals who we strongly believe will create a brighter and more sustainable future. Their success is our mission, their impact our measure.

We Empower and Educate the Change Makers of Tomorrow

We combine state-of-the-art learning science and technology, to create flexible, accessible, and effective learning experiences that equip learners with our key ingredients for impact — purpose, capability, and community.

Through continuous learning, application, and collaborative creation, we cultivate a mindset of growth and self-efficacy in order to expand our learners’ circle of influence and turn them into confident agents of change. Our goal is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society by revolutionizing education to learn differently and grow limitlessly to leave a lasting legacy on the world.

Why learn with ToU?

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences* is the go-to institution for an education in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology. Our revolutionary approach to education will help you make a long-lasting societal impact while pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from anywhere in the world.

  • Globally-Accessible & Flexible: Our remote-first learning platform makes education accessible from wherever you are and provides the flexibility to learn regardless of your professional and personal commitments. Learn from wherever you are whenever you want via our mobile-first platform.
  • A New Approach to Learning: Learning by doing. Our learning philosophy doesn’t take offline learning online. With our challenge-based learning method, you'll get hands-on experience solving our world's grandest problems through practical application under the guidance of industry experts and leaders.
  • World-Class Global Network: A global community of partners and mentors is ready for you. They are already making a difference in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology, and will help you do the same. They are your peers and your mentors, together with your cohort of international learners.

Our Learning Principles:

  • Mission-driven: We're a community of perpetual learners. We’ve designed our program and curriculum to change with the times. You’ll pick from a variety of challenges during the program inspired by scenarios found in the entrepreneurial and business world to solve and conquer. Throughout the challenges, you'll apply, create, and master the competencies needed for a better tomorrow. You’ll develop the competencies employers are looking for through active and experiential learning with the help of peers and mentors who have faced these exact challenges themselves.
  • Flexible: All of our programs are fully-remote. In our learning model, the time to show competency in a specific subject area is flexible while the expectation to master it is constant. You'll move through challenges rather than traditional courses and build competencies in real time to consider the needs of everyone's individual learning process.
  • Personalized: Our technology guides you through the program, adapts to your needs, and gives feedback from the start to the finish. Your goals as a learner within the program and understanding of core competencies are individually adapted on the app, making your learning experience uniquely yours. You'll see a visual record of your learning progress throughout your studies, making it easy to stay focused on your desired outcomes.
  • Self-empowered: We use ‘not yet’ as a benchmark when a learner has yet to prove mastery of a challenge or competency. Rather than failing a subject or challenge, you're given the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge until mastery. You can submit your work until reviewers and experts believe you fully grasp the chosen concept. Failure doesn't exist at ToU, but there's always room for improvement.
  • Social: We enable learners to build meaningful relationships that lead to rich, engaging, and effective remote-first learning experiences. Together with your cohort, mentors, and vast global community, you'll stay connected and engaged through regular live sessions, course discussions, and events. Our challenge-based learning method promotes collaboration and 360° feedback from all participants, peers to mentors and vice versa, at all times.

*Tomorrow University is a fully-accredited, state-recognized University of Applied Sciences

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