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Whether you want to continue working while you earn your MBA or immerse yourself full time by moving to one of America’s top ranked college towns, UF has a program that will meet your needs.

The UF MBA Professional programs help you earn your MBA without having to pause your career. Our Professional MBA portfolio includes Executive, Online, and Weekend Professional options (with a campus in Miramar), with our most flexible format being our Online MBA. Our 24-month Online MBA program, which requires only one campus visit, is designed for those who have never taken business courses. The UF MBA Online program provides you with the same degree as our other program formats but from anywhere in the world. We are a pioneer in the online education industry, leading the field with our world-class faculty, innovative curriculum, co-curricular opportunities, and
expansive network. A UF MBA isn’t just a piece of paper – it is an experience that forever shapes and influences your professional and personal development.

We know that there are many things to consider when it comes to selecting the right MBA format. We can help you define what UF MBA experience might best fit your needs with our Find MY UF MBA quiz. You can also review and compare all the program formats at a glance or use our format filtering tool to help you drill down to your best fit. Get started!

Which is your UF MBA?

Love the idea of being a student on a vibrant campus?

Full-Time MBA

Three on-campus formats designed for individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who are looking for deeper immersion and a rich on-campus experience.

  • One-Year: 10 months, undergraduate business degrees within 7 years
  • One-Year: 12 months, any academic undergraduate degree
  • Two-Year: 22 months, any academic undergraduate degree

The Full-Time option is offering 100% tuition scholarships.

Need maximum flexibility?

Online MBA

The online format provides individuals with maximum flexibility to pursue their MBA from anywhere in the world.

Plan to keep working? Are you a business leader?

Weekend Professional MBA

Three weekend formats that allow you to keep your job and pursue your MBA.

Executive MBA

Designed for today’s busy business leaders.

  • 21 months, any academic undergraduate degree
  • Eight or more years of work experience in a high-ranking leadership role with titles like Vice President, Senior Director, CEO and Doctor.

Learn more here:

Professional MBA Programs:
Average GMAT Score - 600
Average GPA - 3.3

Full-Time MBA Programs:
Average GMAT Score - 690
Average GPA - 3.5

Being able to balance work, life and school commitments is critical for working professional students. UF MBA provides you the tools to be successful in all areas of your life while earning your MBA. You don’t have to be on campus every day to get a well-rounded, rich MBA experience

Small Cohorts, Close Networks: Online students are part of cohorts that average 50 people, providing a small program experience and allowing students to build their networks.

The Impact of a Gator: Being a member of The Gator Nation provides students with a network of professional contacts across the world in different industries and functions. With 400,000+ alumni and 9,000+ UF MBA alumni around the globe, graduates are able to create lifelong connections with other Gators.

Learning Outside the Classroom: Online MBA Programs provides opportunities to learn outside of their classes. They are able to sign up for a Global Immersion Experience (GIE), an international trip to learn about the business environment of a foreign country. Students also have access to speaker series, regional networking events and city treks.

Learn from the Best: The same world-class faculty that teach as part of the on-campus UF MBA programs lead the classes for the Online program. They teach classes specifically designed for online students using techniques developed through continued use of emerging technology.

This is the Future of MBA

The University of Florida MBA Program utilizes a rolling admissions process by which applications are considered and evaluated as they are received. However, applications are not reviewed until they are complete. Applicants are highly encouraged to apply as early as possible.

How to Apply

There are two forms you will need to complete in the application process.

1. Register with UF MBA Form
Complete the registration form before you fill out the UF Graduate School Application, so that we may begin the admissions review process. Please submit the form here:

2. Complete the UF Application Form

After you register to apply to UF MBA, you will need to complete the UF Graduate School application, including the UF MBA supplemental questions. Please note character limits in the short answers and essays fields. View the essay questions and details before you get started. You must complete the undergraduate GPA portion to avoid delayed processing. The application fee is $30 and can be paid online. If paying by credit card, there is an additional $7 processing fee.

Once your application has been submitted, our Admissions Coordinator will provide you with an update regarding your application materials. Please allow for five business days to receive this update during high volume periods.

Note: It is important that you use the specific UF MBA application link provided here or by the UF MBA team. Using any other link may lead to an incorrect application.

In addition to the required forms, please visit the link below to review the materials you will need to apply.

Full-Time MBA admitted students are considered for full tuition scholarship.

Professional MBA program options range from $49,204.80 (one-year) to $66,807.36 (two-year) across the whole program experience.

Additional electives may incur an additional fee. Travel costs, books, and other equipment are not included in tuition cost.

For all programs - a $1500 deposit is required before the program orientation.

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