Mr Stephan Galy at emlyon MBA

Mr Stephan Galy at emlyon MBA

About EM Lyon

EM LYON (Ecole de Management de Lyon) is a leading European management school, founded in 1872 by the local business community in Lyon, France. EM LYON aims at offering its students and companies a wide variety of opportunities to improve their management and entrepreneurial competencies in a multicultural environment. The emphasis on entrepreneurship lies at the heart of all of EM LYON's educational programs, giving the School a unique position in European management education.

What are the characteristics of your MBA program?

Created in 1972, the EM LYON International MBA (currently ranked 25th in Europe and 3rd in France by The Economist Intelligence Unit, October 2006) is the school's flagship business management course aimed at high-potential managers who wish to give a new impetus to their career. The program is taught in English and focuses on specific fields such as: Businessto- Business Marketing, International Strategy, Corporate Finance, Innovation and Intrapreneurship.

EM LYON's affiliations with other leading overseas academic institutions enable some students to obtain their degree from the Cranfield School of Management in the UK. In total, the program has 17 exchange programs. The International MBA program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and AACSB.

How does your program differ from a traditional MBA program?

By listening to business requirements and integrating expectations and companies‘ needs into its programs, EM LYON has therefore developed a new International MBA: the MBA that prepares managers to innovate, dare and take the situation in hand, going beyond simple analysis.

Could you tell us more about your school's job placement?

25 percent find a job before graduation and 75 percent in the following 3 months; 84 percent change positions, of which 40 percent are CEO; 80 percent increase their salary; and 56 percent change industry. Moreover, the Career Services office provides special services to participants from all programs.

Special assistance is provided to MBA participants.

I understand that your school has a strong emphasis on entrepreneurial leaders. What exactly does "entrepreneurial leaders" mean?

They are called many things: innovators, creatives, calculated risk- takers, visionary leaders, change masters, intrapreneurs, idea people, doers and shakers. They do not necessarily run their own company. People that drive to make a difference for themselves, their organization, their community, their world. Creative - maybe. Passionate - definitely.

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