In March 2021, EU Business School is celebrating the achievements of women in business through an engaging and thoughtful programme of events and activities. Scheduled to coincide with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, the initiative dedicated to diversity and inclusion features talks from renowned female business leaders, entrepreneurs, alumni, and key female executives. Academic debate and classroom discussions are also part of the month-long programme.

Highlights from the programme

One of the highlights of the initiative is the workshop led by PepsiCo LatAm’s CEO, Paula Santilli, and VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Mónica Bauer. During the webinar, EU students in attendance will get advice and practical tips on how to get ahead as women in business.

For another event, EU Business School has also invited former editor-in-chief of USA TODAY and bestselling author Joanne Lipman to share insights from the world of journalism.

Event participants can also look forward to a panel discussion on the challenges and prospects of gender equality with guest panellists from EU, the World Health Organization, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, and

March closes with a round table debate between five of EU’s female students. They will discuss the challenges they face in their home countries and explain how they will make a difference in the future.

Part of a bigger institutional strategy

EU Business School’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in rankings from globally renowned organisations: EU’s MBA programme is ranked top worldwide for class and faculty diversity and 1st for female representation. Its student body is 54% female.

During Women in Business Month, speakers, students, and alumni will examine the challenges encountered by professional women, celebrate the achievements of female business leaders, and discuss strategies to ensure that women thrive in the business world.

Luc Craen, vice president and managing director of EU Business School, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative: “As a proud, multicultural institution, we are committed to equality and diversity. Women in Business Month gives us an opportunity, as a community, to highlight the challenges facing female professionals and to be inspired by the many achievements of women business leaders. I look forward to a month of exciting events and of continuing to support women in business in the future.

Source: EU Business School


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