Dr Boris Porkovich at IUM MBA

Dr Boris Porkovich at IUM MBA

About the International University of Monaco

IUM is an independent, English-language university that combines the best of American and European educational models in a truly international setting. IUM offers undergraduate and graduate education in business that is ideally suited to the needs of its multicultural student body.

Could you describe your MBA program?

The Master of Business Administration at IUM (MonacoMBA) is a 10-month, 72-credit pro-gram completed in five 7-week terms. The MonacoMBA is ranked in the top 100 MBA pro-grams in the world by The Economist.

What kinds of people are drawn to your MBA?

The MonacoMBA is targeted at students with at least 2-3 years of business experience, and is intended to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and ability to succeed in an increasingly fast-paced business environment. Program participants represent 17 nationalities.

What sets your program apart from other MBA programs?

The MonacoMBA’s international faculty and student body set it apart: IUM’s faculty repre-sents over 20 different nationalities, and students in the MonacoMBA come from 17 different countries.
IUM combines the individualized attention of a small college with the challenging academic environment of a large competitive university.
Of particular interest is the values, ethics, and culture seminar (VECS), a unique feature of the MonacoMBA. VECS is a concrete, unified representation of IUM’s educational philosophy, introducing stu-dents to the basic concepts, academic viewpoint, and knowledge base utilized by the Univer-sity in fulfilling its commitment to fostering global leadership. VECS is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the importance an ethical, humane, and cross-cultural ap-proach to business takes on in the modern global setting, while also providing students with valuable group management skills.
Finally, the Principality of Monaco forms an exceptional backdrop to a dynamic and diversi-fied economic entity.

How is the program structured?

The Monaco MBA has three major instructional components: the pre-MBA session, the foundation sequence, and the business area concentration.
The Pre-MBA Session assists students in acquiring a familiarity with the accepted concepts, methodology, and terminology in key business fields before they begin the program.
The Foundation Sequence is a required program of study that is composed of the values, eth-ics, and culture seminar; the dual core; and the supervised field study.
The Business Area Concentration requires students to choose four elective courses in one of the following specializations:

  • Wealth and asset management.
  • Luxury goods and services.
  • International marketing.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Could you tell us more about your school’s job placement?

Throughout the MonacoMBA, students work with the Center for Career Development and Corporate Relations. Also, a Mentor Program connects eligible students with local business leaders who volunteer to help guide students into a suitable career choice.

How global is IUM and what is your school doing to reinforce this position?

IUM’s global outlook is enhanced through the efforts of the University's faculty, staff, and student body. The MonacoMBA is ranked number one in the world for its student diversity by The Economist, the IUM student body represents 45 nationalities, and the University's 34 full-time professors hail from all over the world.

What advice would you offer to a person who is thinking about getting an MBA?

My advice is: be sure of your motivation in getting – and commitment to – an MBA; choose a program that will give you a general management perspective but also the opportunity to take some specialization courses; and ensure the program you choose has a global outlook and a student body you can learn from

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