Dr James Mulli at EU Business School

Dr James Mulli at EU Business School

Could you give us a brief overview of your Distance Learning MBA program?

The Online MBA program at EU Business School is an award-winning course that has been ranked number one by CEO magazine for 2015. We offer a learning experience that is second to none and can proudly claim that students will receive a sound return on this investment. With our highly qualified and published instructors, exceptionally engaged and global student body, this program offers the best qualities an MBA student can expect. In addition, through our new partnership with the University of Roehampton (UoR) in London, students on the Online MBA program have the opportunity to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science (MSc) in International Management awarded by the University of Roehampton in London.

What are the characteristics you are looking for in applicants?

Applicants to this online MBA program who are currently engaged in employment must have good time management skills. Applicants with work experience bring added value to the experiential qualities of the program. In this respect we also seek diversity in our student body and vocal engagement to build upon the already well-established community of learners. Therefore the more diverse our student body, the wider the networking net can be cast. 

What sets your program apart from other Distance Learning MBA programs?

The Online MBA offers a blended component allowing students to participate in rotational campus week events for examinations, enjoyable networking events and guest seminars. This unique opportunity to be in Barcelona, Munich and Geneva with your learning peers is a remarkable differentiator for the Online Campus.

Tell us about your curriculum. How is the MBA program structured? 

Students may pursue this one-year MBA program by completing 72 credit hours of intensive coursework over three terms. The terms are comprised of 10 weeks each, or students may alternatively spread the workload to suit their needs. They may also opt to complete their examinations either on campus or online with ProctorU, an online invigilation service. The course culminates with the third term allowing for specializations and the completion of a dissertation. In addition, current graduate students who complete 15 courses of their program and four seminars have the opportunity to earn a degree awarded by the University of Roehampton. Upon completion of a module in Management Research Methods and a final dissertation based on UoR criteria, participants graduate with an additional UoR degree and a total of 96 ECTS (credits recognized by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Students who do not have two years of previous work experience can complete a dissertation and graduate with an MSc in International Management awarded by the University of Roehampton in London, also with a total of 96 ECTS.

What are the types of organizations that tend to employ your graduates the most?

Graduates from the online campus program may focus on a number of areas that relate to specialization interests. However, we place special emphasis on quality in education regardless of the field of concentration. Employability through networking, job and career advisement has yielded promising results. In recent years we have had students interested in, emerging from, and entering into the financial services, human resources and marketing, as well as private entrepreneurs building on their skills. The diversity of student engagement in the fashion industry, film and television, banking, energy sectors, healthcare, sports and ICT among others, speaks to the open possibilities.

What advice would you offer to a person who is thinking about pursuing a Distance Learning MBA program?

My advice is be ready to be challenged. By ready to be exposed to the possibilities of what an MBA can bring into your career. With this in mind make the mental commitment to be empowered because not everyone has an MBA. The commitment to an MBA is a challenge that once made should be held through to the end. It will be hard, for certain, but truly rewarding in all respects.

How have you succeeded in engaging the students having in mind that the programme is taught online? What chances do students get to interact with faculty and peers?

The online program is not only asynchronous but also synchronous – live. Students will see and interact with each other and their instructors in live video transmissions, discussion forums, webinar based break-out sessions, group case studies and during the Barcelona, Munich and Geneva campus week (which, if they are unable to attend, will have the live broadcasting of speakers). Similar to being in a classroom, participants will have access to microphones, webcams, the ability to raise their hand to gain attention, express laughter, clap in appreciation, agree and disagree with what is being communicated through built in icons and tools. 

Do you provide the same resources during the Distance Learning MBA as the on-campus programme?

Although the online campus cannot mirror the physical nature of the site campuses, there are eLibrary, and academic, technical and administrative support services for students to access. As students of the online campus, they are privy to and also have access to the services of the on-site campuses.

If you have to name only one, what would be the strongest added value of your program and school?

We offer “Quality Global Business Education”.

How is your Distance Learning MBA program evolving to match the dynamics of business environments around the world? 

Our faculty, alumni and students themselves are the constant source of continuous improvement. We engage industry professionals as speakers, visit cutting edge industries and apply the case study method to our online program through application of the Harvard Business Reviews, among other peer reviewed journals. If the ICT tools of engagement are not value added we attend eLearning workshops and conferences to ensure that we are not only engaging with the benchmarks in the educational sector, but also becoming a benchmark ourselves and raising the industry bar.

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