ESMT Berlin: European History Meets Cutting Edge Technology

ESMT Berlin: European History Meets Cutting Edge Technology

Location and specializations are crucial when choosing a business school. ESMT European School of Management and Technology of Berlin and its distinctive features is no exception in this regard. The school is set in a unique historical location and specializes in some very specific areas, creating a unique DNA which is second to none in the technology-driven world of today.

Specializations of ESMT include management of technology, leadership and social responsibility, as well as European competitiveness. The relatively new player in the global field of elite MBA programs has taken the MBA world by storm, placing itself amongst the top spots in the global rankings and building a global reputation in a record time span.

ESMT was founded in Berlin, a city that has been in the center of great historical turmoil in recent European history. Subsequently, it does not come as a surprise that the school's heritage is rooted in European Values. One of the two ESMT campuses is located in the former East German state chancellery building in the heart of Berlin, and another, smaller campus (used for executive education) is hosted in one of Germany's oldest castles just outside Cologne, in Schloss Gracht. This historical setting creates an extraordinary campus experience. MBA and Master students find themselves studying in a campus building where the political elite of the German Democratic Republic once reigned. As a historically classified edifice, the character and most of the original interior features have been preserved. The building has been enhanced by state of the art facilities, which allows for a world-class education experience.

As mentioned above, one of the core principles of the MBA programs is technology management. Students get to apply business principles directly to new, innovative case studies from a variety of technology sectors. A series of electives highlight every step of innovating and launching new technology.  The school's Entrepreneurship Club enables to meet the innovative Berlin startup community and visit Berlin's high-tech companies. Summer 2015 has seen the inauguration of the GTEC – German Tech Entrepreneurship Center on the ESMT campus. This entrepreneur hub hosts several early stage ventures and acts as a cultural bridge and meeting place between academia, such as ESMT's researchers and professors, MBA and Master students, as well as Berlin's international start-up community.

In the past couple of years 10-20% of ESMT's MBA graduates founded their own company or joined an established start-up upon their graduation. The network and synergies ESMT has been creating and nurturing in the Berlin technology ecosystem have proven to be very successful, and will only continue to expand and intensify in the future.

Interested in how ESMT could impact your career? Visit our MBA website here.

For more information about GTEC, check out their website here.

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