An interview with Jean Jacques Rosa
Dean and Founder of the MBA Sciences Po

About MBA Sciences Po

The Sciences Po MBA has been offered since 1993 at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. The MBA reinforces a well-established Sciences Po tradition of preparing students for leadership positions in the world of industry and finance.

What makes your MBA special?

What makes our MBA program special is its following characteristics:

Sciences Po and the Sciences Po's cultural tradition: The Sciences Po MBA is offered in a world renowned institution founded in 1872 and a leader in social sciences, including political science and economics. The MBA is a full time generalist program with an international scope, which remains firmly rooted in the Sciences Po tradition. The comprehensive MBA program is augmented by classes in geopolitics, EU law, international trade and public speaking. 

Its location: Classes take place in the heart of Paris' Latin Quarter at 174 Boulevard Saint-Germain and at 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume. MBA students have access to all Sciences Po's resources including a library containing over 900,000 books, and which receives more than 6,000 periodicals. 

Its length: Bildsfingual, it is taught in French and in English, the program is also very intensive, starting each January and laasting nine months. 

Its human scale: Each year's intake is limited to a maximum of 40 students, allowing close working relationships between students and faculty. 

The consulting project: As part of the MBA curriculum students in groups of 4 or 5 establish and complete a consulting project in the private sector over the nine months of the program.

What is the profile of your participants?

Our MBA students have varied educational backgroung, from economics to engineering sciences, medecine or law. They have 6 years of professional experience on average. They are very international: 13 nationalities are represented in 2003.

How is the Sciences Po MBA structured?

The Sciences Po MBA program is structured in 3 trimesters and brings together three key areas of study to prepare international Managers : 

Economics, Finance, Accounting and Valuation: A manager's ability to perform in any environment is determined by both a grasp of theoretical concepts and a familiarity with applied tools in managerial economics and finance. Students build on first trimester units toward mastering an understanding of business, its performance, and the relationship between internal resources and external competitive environments. 

Management, Strategy and Marketing: The Sciences Po MBA places emphasis on addressing real world management issues. Management skills are presented in their strategic context of a complex and dynamic world economy. The marketing component of the MBA provides a wide ranging applied approach to the way an organization understands its customers and other businesses. 

Organizations, Institutions & Human Resources: Courses range from the theory of organizations to the practice of organizational behavior; from the international trade framework to the European Union and its institutions; and from human resources to negotiation.

Who are your professors?

The Sciences Po MBA world class faculty are drawn from variuos countries, from both universities and the professions and are top specialists in their fields.

What business areas do your students generally enter after graduation?

All business areas are represented from consulting to banking or industry. The alumni responsibilities are mostly in finance, marketing, strategy or human resources, and in various countries.

What type of candidate are you looking for?

We are looking for motivated students, wishing to work hard on a short but intense period of 9 months which allow to go back to work rather quickly, for candidates with a real professional project who want to think and work internationally at high level of responsibility.