Our environment changes, and hence the KEDGE Executive MBA also does, starting from the December 2020 intake. This time, the curriculum will be based on five pillars: core courses, workshops, the capstone project, coaching, and seminars.

New workshops

In a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world, having more inner self-confidence is even more critical than before. This is why we reinforced the soft skills component of the programme, moving from four to seven workshops, all being credited. New workshops have been introduced such as 'Data visualization for C-level', 'Mastering finance for C-level' and 'Industry 4.0'. We made 'Speak in public' mandatory, and slightly amended the 'Lead change' workshop to incorporate ‘pressure management’ and emotional intelligence.

Changes to core courses

Regarding the core courses, the biggest changes are the opportunity for China-based participants to join France-based participants in Paris for the 'Negotiation' course; and that 'Leadership across culture' is delivered with all France-based participants joining their Chinese counterparts in Shanghai. This aims at reinforcing the connection between the two cohorts and encouraging networking between our EMBA participants. The 'SBP' (Strategic Business Project) becomes the 'Capstone project', but in essence keeps the same principles and objectives: deep diving into a strategic and business-oriented project to leverage your experience, and learning from the programme.

The Coaching component remains, as ever, a significant part of the curriculum with some collective coaching sessions also being introduced.

Introduction of the ‘Seminars’ umbrella

Finally, we transformed the 'electives', 'majors' and 'International Business Seminars' into one single item: 'Seminars'. Three seminars have to be completed, of which at least one should be in France (or Shanghai for our China-based participants) and at least one abroad; the third can be wherever the participants want. Given the current global pandemic, the schedule for international seminars has been somewhat disrupted, with all seminars being rescheduled after summer 2021. But we look forward to visiting a new partner, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, and further developing the international components of our respective EMBAs with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Bocconi SDA. Those changes do not affect the level of 120 ECTS needed to complete the Executive MBA diploma.

As ever, and despite the disrupted environment, we are committed to delivering the best experience to our participants and keeping up as much as possible with their personal deadlines and professional objectives. The whole KEDGE team is around to answer questions, listen to feedback and accompany participants throughout the EMBA transformational journey.