Ms Marianne Conde Salazar at ESCP Europe EMBA

Ms Marianne Conde Salazar at ESCP Europe EMBA

An interview with Marianne Conde Salazar
MBA Programme Director, ESCP-EAP

Could you give us a brief overview of your MBA program?

The European Executive MBA curriculum, harmonized across tracks, provides participants with unique opportunities for group learning and study. Study tracks (Monthly Itinerant, Monthly London, Monthly Torino, Weekly Paris and Full-Time) progress individually on the core curriculum and are brought together for electives, international seminars and conferences.

The curriculum is designed around different delivery and study modes combining individual work with team projects and interaction among participants and professors. The program content is the same for all participants regardless of the track: 

  • 9 core courses
  • 12 electives (a portfolio of 28 courses is offered across the 5 ESCP-EAP campuses)
  • 5 international seminars
  • International Consulting Project (individual or in teams)
  • European Issues Conferences
  • On-line e-learning portal

What sets your program apart from other MBA programs?

ESCP-EAP benefits from a 5 European campus structure which allows participants to complete core courses and electives on all 5 campuses.

Apart from the core courses the ESCP-EAP MBA program offers participants a diverse portfolio of elective courses in the form of workshops or specialised classes, European Issues conferences and International Seminars.

Electives and International Seminars are offered jointly to participants of the three tracks. This interaction provides participants with the opportunity to build professional and personal relationships among an MBA class of executives.


Electives are 12-hour courses designed to complement core courses. Each MBA participant chooses 12 electives from a portfolio of 28 enabling them to personalize their curriculum and focus on either a specific management skill or a variety of skills to reinforce and enhance their knowledge of different management areas.

Elective courses are alternately delivered in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Torino and participants from all Executive MBA classes can choose to complete the electives of their choice on any of the campuses where it is offered. This is a great opportunity to mix with participants from all three tracks and also to experience the different management styles and practices in different European countries. 

  • Strategy and Marketing Finance Management
  • International Strategy and Structure Financial Analysis HRM for Executives
  • Organisational Changes Risk Management Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurship Company Evaluation and Financial Engineering Project Management
  • Brand Management  Financial Products and Markets Negociation
  • Marketing B to B Financial Communication Decision Making and Ethics


These two-hour conferences provide specific inputs on the socio-economic, cultural and managerial realities of European regions:

  • “Glass Ceiling for Women in European Companies”
  • “Europe and Asian Epidemics”
  • “Europe and Outsourcing”

International Seminars

The programme includes five week-long seminars which are each designed to explore a specific theme related to the business environment in all its dimensions. These seminars also provide participants with great opportunities to dialogue with their MBA peers and share knowledge and experience.

ESCP-EAP believes that actually travelling to the location where the action and expertise on the subject can be seen first hand greatly contributes to participants’ understanding of each seminar theme:

  • Induction Seminar “Organisational Change”, ESCP-EAP Paris Campus
  • “Emerging Countries Seminar”, China (Tongji University), India (MDI), Brazil (Fundaçao Getulio Vargas) 
  • “European Business Environment Seminar”, Brussels 
  • “Innovation and High-Tech Management Seminar”, USA, (Austin University Texas). 
  • Closing Seminar “Strategic Decisions”, ESCP-EAP Campus

What type of candidate are you looking for?


  • more than 5 years of professional experience
  • Age range: 28-45 
  • Identified as high potential by your company 
  • High level of English, (TOEFL score required). 
  • Executives searching to acquire or reinforce knowledge of different aspects of management 
  • Executives aiming to go from a specialized to a general management position 
  • Executives with a clear future career project

What is the philosophy of your MBA program?

ESCP-EAP's mission is to bring together and to train high potential executives for successful careers in a global and multicultural context. It is our belief that the keys to successful management lie in values such as open-mindedness, exchange, teamwork and sharing of experience. Understanding different managerial cultures and learning to work together to achieve common goals help to create stronger and more efficient organizations.

Our European Executive MBA program builds on two main assets that characterize ESCP-EAP:

Our unique 5-European campus structure provides our participants with the opportunity to gain real insight on the European socioeconomic, cultural and business environments.

Our action-based teaching method resulting in continuous interaction between instruction and managerial action, and between conceptual and practical approaches, promotes the development of leadership skills of each of our participants.

What business areas do your students generally enter after graduation?

The business areas which ESCP-EAP MBA graduates generally enter after their graduation in order of importance are:

  • General Management
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Logistics / Operations
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
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