Mr Giulio Toscani at the EADA MBA

Mr Giulio Toscani at the EADA MBA

About EADA

Founded in 1957, EADA was one of the first Spanish institutions to offer executive training programs to the professional community. EADA Management Development Centre has been awarded by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB accreditations.
EADA is the only business institution in Spain with its own residential training centre where participants attend a series of management workshops during the year. Outdoor training is also an important activity at the centre, with this methodology being crucial to the development of leadership and team-building skills.

What makes your MBA special?

In EADA we base our learning method, "Learning by Doing", on 5 distinct features:

1) Real-World Training.
The EADA MBA is not just a program. By way of case discussions, marketing plans, consulting or entrepreneurial projects for existing companies, we want our participants to face and solve real problems.

2) Personal Development with a Professional Focus.
The process we implement integrates hard and soft skills. We teach the latest tools of finance, marketing, operations, strategy and human resources in our centre in Barcelona, and we take special care of the soft skills in our training centre in the mountains surrounding Barcelona.

3) Human Touch.
We have a limited number of students per class to ensure a close working relationship between them and the academic staff.

4) High Expectations.
The participants of the International MBA will face an intense workload,
both in quality and quantity. To obtain the degree, they have to work hard and perform excellently.

5) Global Multicultural Experience.
90 percent of our MBAs come from 40 different countries, 40 percent of the academic staff is also from abroad and our cases are based on internationally renowned companies.

Could you describe the structure of your program?

The program is divided into three trimesters. From September until December the fundamental subject of the MBA is prepared. Then in the second trimester, from January until March, more insight is given and the first real marketing plan has to be realised. During the third trimester, from April until July, elective classes are given and the final project, which is a real consulting or entrepreneurial project, must be realised and then presented at the end of July.

Furthermore, considering the importance EADA gives to personal development, every month and a half all of the participants move to the EADA residential training centre in the mountains surrounding Barcelona, to attend three-day module, intensive courses and participate in outdoor activities related to the subject of the module.

What types of firms employ your graduates?

The range of jobs offered by companies to our students range from mid-sized, family-owned businesses to the multinational or United Nations organisation, and the positions can be related to human resources, finance, coaching, etc.

What kinds of people are drawn to your MBA?

Our range of participants is between 25 years and 35 years of age with a minimum work experience of 3 years, coming from the 5 continents. The average participant is 29 years old, has 4 years of work experience and is a professional wishing to improve their career or change their work field.

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